Album Review: Day Trip EP by Chicago boys, YAWN

I heard of Chicago-based psych-rock group, YAWN, first last fall when “Flytrap” came onto my radar, hot and heavy. I couldn’t get over the song. The grinding guitar riff that carries the track would get stuck in my hand and demand I play the song in its entirety. “Flytrap” was off of YAWN’s second full length, Love Chills, which came out a little over a year ago.

Prior to that, “these 4 riff raffs with a taste for musical adventure, had released two EPs and one full length. August 21st, YAWN will unveil their third EP, Day Trip. “Day Trip” is a perfect title for this little collection of songs. The bundle of tracks takes you on a brief adventure, just a day trip.

“Overflow” is an excellent opening track. It starts with a celebratory feeling that builds from start to finish. It’s as if you’re running, racing, joyfully! The opening cut races seamlessly into the title track, “Day Trip.” It’s simple, whimsical sound is married with interesting timing that keeps you guessing. If you need a soundtrack for a drive to the beach, this is it.

“Only Way” makes me think of one word: TRIBAL. If YAWN were to write a sun or rain dance tune, this would be it. Or maybe a tune or chant to pray for love. The synthesizer almost has a new age futuristic tribal flute sound that goes along with the theme I hear. Maybe no one else hears that but this is my review and this is what I hear!

From tribal, the EP literally tumbles you into the following track, “Tumbleweed.” Yes, I think this is the soundtrack to a tumbleweed’s life. Like this track, tumbleweeds are casual, they just go with the flow and wherever the wind takes them. In this track, they say things like “change your home”, “See things like a child” and “mold and change.” My favorite, “It’s alright. Just roll with it.” Excellent advice from YAWN. Advice I need to give myself all of the time. I’m glad I have a go-to track now to remind me.

Finally, “Night Vision”, the closing track.

Heavy little heart

When the world is done.

This song cradles you. It’s the most perfect ending to the EP. It makes you feel like it’s OK that the EP is done. You can listen to it again so there is no reason to be sad!

While there’s nothing profound or stunning about this EP, its simplistic and classic pysch-rock sound in conjunction with YAWN’s magic touch, make it a mandatory addition to anyone’s record collection.

Top 20 From the Last 9 Weeks!

Hard to believe it’s been 9 weeks since I did the last top 20. SUMMER SLOW DOWN, PLEASE! Pump the breaks on your summer and have a listen:

YAWN…not so boring!

If I made a list of my favorite albums that were released in 2014 by artists I had never heard yet, YAWN’s second full length album, ‘Love Chills’, would most certainly be on the list. YAWN is an indie rock n’ roll band based out of Chicago. Thought, they according to an interview on Huffington Post back in 2012, the characterize their genre as this, ‘”Pop oriented electronic rock dub indie things that your grandma may or may not like.” They released their first album back in 2011 but it was only just this year they made it onto my radar. Now I get to dive back into their archives and enjoy the earlier sounds of YAWN. I discovered them on All Songs’ TV where they share interesting music videos and they were sharing one of YAWN’s most delicious tracks, “Flytrap.” It won me over within the first 10 seconds. My favorite part is from 2:09 to 2:24. There is just something about that scruffy rough guitar bit that sends my ears into a frenzy. Check out the video:

and the article:


Granted this was 2 years ago that it was published, the answer to the last question of the interview was “touring. Lots of touring.” I imagine they’ve succeeded in that but maybe sometime they’ll tour out here to good old Bozeman, MT!

Turkey and Stuffing for your ears

I packed this week’s playlist with all kinds of different tracks to hopefully satiate your musical cravings! Happy Thanksgiving!