New vinyl-exclusive single from SWIMM: “Mind’s Eye”

After the highly successful release of their latest EP, Beverly Hells, a fall tour with Young Empires, Bright Light Social Hour and Dr. Dog and well-received performances at this year’s SXSW, LA duo, SWIMM, has some how found time to write another song. Last week they announced the release of a vinyl-exclusive track titled, “Mind’s Eye”, which you pre-order now! It’s official release date is April 8th.

“Mind’s Eye” is decked out in SWIMM attire: bass guitar layered on thick, psychedelic melodies, beachy percussion and a ridiculously catchy chorus. The track screams something on all our minds, SUMMER!

Check it out:

Unpacking to ‘Loveless.’ Thank goodness for My Bloody Valentine.

And thank goodness to my dear friend Mark Levy who very kindly notified me that it was quite sad that I hadn’t heard this piece of art yet. We listened to it after a fantastic day of spring skiing on the way down from Big Sky and right now, it’s my soundtrack for unpacking my ABSOLUTELY bulging luggage bag from my trip to New Orleans. It wasn’t bulging as badly on the way to New Orleans as on the way back. Zipping it was scary but it worked out.

A taste of ‘Loveless’:

ANYWAY, almost 24 years ago, this masterpiece was created. The 19 recording studios, year and a half to two year recording session, and the pure innovation of every instrumental layer in ‘Loveless’ proved worth it. Though, this was not fully appreciated until later years. I didn’t appreciate it until later years but, I was three when ‘Loveless’ came out so I was more into Sesame Street, Rainbow Brite and Raffi than the ‘shoegaze’ thing. Better late than never and cheers Mr. Levy for sharing sharing the gift of music. Thanks to him, I purchased a copy of ‘Loveless’ on vinyl in Portland at Music Millenium when I was there last month. Excellent purchase. Well worth it. Mr. Bill Crosely is spinning My Bloody Valentine magic.

2015-05-13 14.40.16


It’s that time of year music-lovers! Today is the day to make your way to your local record store and take advantage of some of the exciting Record Store Day-specific releases. I’m so SAD that I can’t partake because I’ll be in Butte…and I don’t think they have a record store but maybe I’m wrong? I’ll be spending time with my family and celebrating my uncle’s 57th birthday, SO, it will still be a good time.

ANYWAY, Bozemanites: Cactus Records is in full on Record Store Day mode staring at 10 am and they have some special live shows throughout the day as well. Go to their Facebook event for all of the details:

You can also check out the official Record Store Day website here:

where they have the LIST in its entirety of every record released today for the special occasion. The records on my list from THE LIST are as follows, in no particular order:

-Blitzen Trapper – Harvest

-Courtney Barnett – Kim’s Caravan

-Interpol – Everything is Wrong

-Midlake – Live in Denton, TX

-Robert Plant – More Roar

-Twin Peaks – In the Morning (In the Evening)

I’ll be jazzed if I can get my hands on any of these the day after Record Store Day because they have limited copy numbers and they go quick! So, before you head up to the Pond Skim today at Big Sky…or you go climbing outside or whatever…GO GET YO’SELF SOME VINYL!

In honor or Record Store Day, I’m listening to my favorite Record Store Day purchase this morning and I have blogged about it before: The Space Project. Click here for the previous post where I featured a song by Beach House called “Saturn Song.”

Finally, here’s the Twin Peaks’ track “In the Morning (In the Evening)” that is coming out on 7″ today:

Digging through the collection

After waking up at 11am this morning to a mimosa, The War on Drugs’ new album, ‘Lost in a Dream’, on vinyl at my New Year’s Eve co-pilots’ house AND after an evening of “VJ-ing” (video jockey-ing on youtube) AND wonderful music-oriented conversations, I decided it would be a good idea to dig out ALL of the records I’ve purchased at live shows here in Bozeman. It was an excellent reflection on how wonderful the music scene here really is. And, I think it is only going to get better. If you don’t think any good music comes to our lovely little town, think again! So far I’ve made it through listening to ‘Can’t Talk Medicine’ by Seattle-based group, Pickwick, a 2-song little guy by Florida boys, Roadkill Ghost Choir, ‘In Evening Air’ by the incredible, Baltimore-based group, Future Islands and just now started the Southern gentleman, Futurebirds’ album, ‘Baba Yaga.’ I picked a favorite track from each of the above albums. And, here is the full list of records from all the artists’ whose albums (on vinyl) I’ve purchased at shows in Bozeman (So, there are even more artists who have been here whose vinyl I don’t have yet):

Pickwick, Roadkill Ghost Choir, Future Islands, Futurebirds, Body Language, Blitzen Trapper, The Stone Foxes, Sea Wolf, Horse Feathers, Rubblebucket, Ages and Ages, Okkervil River, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Lonesome Shack, Matthew E. White, and EDJ (Eric D. Johnson).

DSC07348 DSC07349

Fruit Bats Frontman

Eric D. Johnson of Fruit Bats has been on my mind and in my ears the last couple days. Bill and I have been spinning EDJ’s self-titled album, EDJ, all weekend. This record fell into my life when Blitzen Trapper was here back in October. EDJ was the frontman of Fruit Bats up until the band decided retire itself a couple years ago and he opened for Blitzen Trapper. I was already a fan of Fruit Bats as I’d heard a few of their songs here and there over the last few years but I had yet to check out EDJ’s solo work. Seeing him live was a gift so I hope he comes back. Maybe even to headline! If you like Fruit Bats, you won’t be disappointed with what EDJ is doing on his own. One of my favorite tracks is “Mostly Just Fantasies.”