Let Joanna Newsom look into your eyes while you watch her video for “Divers”

Yes, this is THE video that has been leaving tracks and turning heads in theaters across the country. Now you can watch it alone or with other, secretly at your desk at work, in the cozy twisted sheets and covers of your very own bed, on your couch, on your phone…anywhere for that matter.

I never thought a video simply composed of Joanna Newsom’s face and a mystical, morphing landscape could be so commanding. Newsom stares you down while the movement of her lips remove any secret as to where her perfectly pristine and elegant enunciation comes from. You cannot escape this video once it begins. Seven minutes of boiling skies, rich and colorful puffs of smoke or are they clouds? Her eyes peek through caves and small windows of the decadent world that video director Paul Thomas Anderson and album art creator Kim Keeer built. It is truly a must watch, as her new record is a must listen.

Portland’s Unknown Mortal Orchestra on Late Night With Seth Meyers!

Last night, Unknown Mortal Orchestra performed the title track from their newest record, Multi-Love, on Late Night With Seth Meyers. Though it’s a slightly more stripped down version compared to the version on the record, it works perfectly with the intimacy of the performance. Lead singer, Ruban Nielson, parks atop a white grande piano for the entire performance. Check it:

Multi-Love,Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s third full length, came out May of this year and like their other work, is packed with the unique psychedelic-electrofunk-rock (there’s even a hint of disco? they’ve claimed as their own.

News from KATIEE in the form of a new single AND video

KATIEE is a new project fronted by Katie Eastburn, originally of the experimental rock band, Young People. Teamed up with Eastburn for KATIEE are Jim McHugh, Jeff Tobias and Jason Rabira all of whom just kicked off their tour yesterday (7/23). Only a few days ago, KATIEE released their next track off of their debut 7″ titled, Passersby which is out August 4th of this year. The new track is called “Atlantic City.” Check it out!

Like the other tracks I’ve listened to by KATIEE, it requires a decent pair of headphones or else some of the subtleties could be missed along with Eastburn’s airy vocals. Every sound should be accounted for so sit down and pay attention to this dreamy track.

In addition to the above track, KATIEE released a video for their track, “Bad & the Beautiful” (I’m In You Remix), directed by Sebastian Ischer. Shrouded in black, Katie, two young boys and another dancer leap, twirl, wield swords and don a Mexican wrestling mask. See for yourself:

Don’t forget, August 4th KATIEE’s debut 7″, Passersby comes out on Selfish Agenda.


Photo credit: Sabine Rogers (courtesy of Pitch Perfect PR)

New video from Montreal brothers, Maybelleen: “Rest My Case”

Music For Lunch has featured the Montreal brothers Peter and Charles Camiré twice already. I had the chance to interview them back in February and also shared their music video for “Time Machine”, a track of of their newest EP, Stereotypes. While “Time Machine” took place in their uncle’s old Nash 1928, “Rest My Case” is a spinning, candy-coated trip to the carnival, literally! The brothers amble around the carnival in slow motion, cotton candy in hand, scoping out the giant stuffed animal prizes, and taking spins on all the best whirling rides, all the while lyrics like “you’re such a fruit cake” or “you’re mad as a bag of ferrets, still I wanna spend my whole life with you” play in the background. I love it. Their music is so simple and honest. “Rest My Case” is a song about falling in love with someone, even if they’re as mad as a bag of ferrets. Isn’t that what love’s about?

Check out their new video below:

Featured image courtesy of G. Camire Art.

A free flowing thought and a video from Miss Velvet

I sent Miss Velvet a series of questions and she answered them so simply and beautifully, in what she called “a free flowing thought.” Additionally, she sent a video. Before I say more, watch the video. Okay, I’ll say one more thing, she prefaced this video with the statement:

For me Miss Velvet lives in a whimsical universe, one that’s raw and somewhere between dream and nightmares.

With a name  like Miss Velvet, she earns her own trailer and, to say the least, it leaves you wanting, needing more. In the interview I emailed her, I asked her about her experience with Nick Littlemore of Empire of the Sun and Pnau. I also asked her about her past and where she saw herself in the future. She addressed all of my questions with a few short paragraphs. Read them below:

I met Nick Littlemore (Empire of the Sun / Pnau) on one of his trips to NYC. One afternoon we got together and talked about the idea of writing just one or two songs together. An hour later he and I decided that he would produce my first full length album. We were both beyond excited. 

I told him I wanted to write an album that told a story from lyric to lyric and phrase to phrase – a whole body of work that would capture a specific time in my life, a time when – as a girl – I didn’t understand loss and grieving and the powerful illusions of men and New York City. 
What I didn’t realize at the time was that this body of work would teach me and guide me into a whole new chapter of my current life. Creating this character, Miss Velvet, has allowed me to freely examine myself and explore everything about that time in my life that I had shut away. It felt as though with Miss Velvet’s persona, I could re-live this exploration, yet I could still come up for air. 
Check out her track “I Will Stand By” below:
For more on Miss Velvet visit her Facebook page, Soundcloud or official website.

Thank you Miss Velvet for taking the time to think about my questions and for sending an eloquent response.

Photo Credit from left to right: Colin Giberson, Luisa Opalesky (2). Featured image: Travis Spier

“This is Where My Heart Breaks”: Studio session with Tyler Hilton

Everyone needs a song about heartbreak. A corny one, an angry one, a satirical one, and a beautiful one. Tyler Hilton has written a beautiful song about heartbreak. In his interview with Diffuser, he talks about the fact that he’s been partaking in many different activities aside from just writing music like script-writing and book ideas, and he looked at a “moment in his life, almost like a movie” and that is where “This Is Where My Heart Breaks” comes from. To me, this song didn’t go where I expected it to based on the first 15 or so seconds of guitar chords but when the accordion comes in is where my heart breaks. It’s so beautiful.

Tyler Hilton is known in the music world not only for writing and making music but also for his role as Elvis Presley in “Walk the Line”, for playing the character, Chris Keller, in the TV series, “One Tree Hill” AND for writing music for “One Tree Hill.”

“This is Where My Heart Breaks” is off of Tyler’s most recent album, Indian Summer, which came out fall of 2014.

Another treat from Ranges featured in a video by Adam Brummond

I’m so delighted to hear Ranges once again, paired with scenes from the outdoors. I can’t imagine a better backdrop for their soundscapes than the overwhelmingly stunning landscapes of Bozeman, MT and beyond. Check out this video by Adam Brummond out of L.A. with the track, “Silence in the Face of Evil is Itself Evil”, off of Ranges most recent EP, ‘Bonhoeffer’:

The footage was taken in Chugach Mountains which are located northeast of Valdez, Alaska. It kind of makes you want winter to come back, doesn’t it?

I featured Ranges in a post a few months ago. If you’re curious, check it out by clicking on any word in this sentence! 

Word on the street is, Ranges will be playing live in Bozeman this summer for the first time ever, so keep your ears and eyes peeled for dates. I don’t mean their first time live IN Bozeman, I mean their first time LIVE for an audience ever.