The Macabee’s

Something light for your morning ears

Good morning, iPod, you picked the perfect song to start my day when I asked you to “shuffle” this morning on the way to work.

I don’t really know what Jack Penate has been doing since he recorded this song live at his home in just one take 3 years ago yesterday, actually. This song is his most recent post in his Facebook and the only thing on his website. However, I went to his TUMBLR page and it looks like he sings vocals in the songs “Swarm” and “Yalla” that are on an EP called ‘Cosmo’ that was the creative idea of Felix White of the group, The Macabee’s. This EP came out back in September of 2013 and was a collaboration between many artists including Jack Penate, Jessie Ware and Florence Welch. Check out this article about it. It’s seems like a pretty cool EP! I love discovering music.