The Dig

Some new visuals by The Dig

If you follow MusicForLunch, you probably already know I really dig The Dig as I’ve posted about the and incorporated their music into my playlists but, this was a whole new interpretation of their music. Film maker Terrance Nance created a visual story with The Dig’s songs “Cold Afternoon” and “So Alone” as the soundtrack. I think it’s pretty cool. Check it out:

Dig The Dig, ya hear?

I can’t quite put my finger…or ear?…on what it is about this song by The Dig that just puts me at ease. Is it the minimal percussion? That bass line that carries the heart beat of the entire song? The ambient, space-like sounds in the background? The repetitive, rolling nature of this 5 minute track wrapped in a slow build, tied off with the unique vocal quality that strings along every song? I think I’ve come to the conclusion that there is not any one thing that makes this song  what it is but I have to admit, it is a song that I can listen to over and over and over again.

“I Already Forgot Everything You Said” is off of New York-based, four man band, The Dig’s, first full length album, ‘Midnight Flowers.’ I usually don’t do this but I fell so hard for “I Already Forgot Everything You Said” that I bought ALL of their music in one sitting and it was absolutely worth it.

“Angeline” (below) is off of their EP, ‘Tired Heart.’ Dark and lazy but simultaneously driving…This version is the live version from their Audiotree session back in 2013. It really takes off at about 2:45.

‘You & I’ is their most recently released EP and houses this gem, “Cold Afternoon”:

The Doppelgänger at Chico

I was at Chico Hot Springs for a birthday get together last night. I do this thing sometimes when I leave town or go somewhere where I will likely not know very many people, and I look for Doppelgängers. They could be Doppelgängers of celebrities, friends, family…etc. I decided I spotted Ed Sheeran’s Doppelgänger at Chico Hot Springs. They look a little alike….a little. But, the likeness was enough to warrant a photograph with the celebrity Doppelgänger. This photograph spawned many photographs with other people. Not Doppelgängers, but just interesting people who also were having a good time at good old Chico Hot Springs. Everyone needs to feel famous every once and a while, right?