SoundCloud Playlist: More Summer Sounds

I’m unleashing what’s been tied down in my inbox for many hot summer months. Enjoy.


Top 20 Round 3!

I’ve gathered together my favorite two tracks from the last 10 weeks of playlists! Have a listen and Happy Sunday!

Oh, and if you like that bar in the photo there, let me know because I’m selling it!

On a Whim…

I created this playlist in 10 minutes flat because I succumbed to the rabbit hole that Soundcloud becomes when you relax and let your ears do all of the work. I just kept clicking and listening to little sound bites of songs and before I knew it, I was 10 songs in and excited to listen to this playlist all of the way through for the first time. Eight out of the 10 songs I heard for the first time today. Keep exploring music-listeners!