Playlist: Winter 2018 Vol. I

Playlist: Spring in Full Swing

Not sure I even remember how to do this “blog-posting” thing! Been breaking my heart to not have time to share music. Here I lay before you, some wonderful music that has eagerly been waiting the attention of your ears since March.

New vinyl-exclusive single from SWIMM: “Mind’s Eye”

After the highly successful release of their latest EP, Beverly Hells, a fall tour with Young Empires, Bright Light Social Hour and Dr. Dog and well-received performances at this year’s SXSW, LA duo, SWIMM, has some how found time to write another song. Last week they announced the release of a vinyl-exclusive track titled, “Mind’s Eye”, which you pre-order now! It’s official release date is April 8th.

“Mind’s Eye” is decked out in SWIMM attire: bass guitar layered on thick, psychedelic melodies, beachy percussion and a ridiculously catchy chorus. The track screams something on all our minds, SUMMER!

Check it out:

Saint Gregory Remix of SWIMM’s track, “All the Time”

When you think SWIMM couldn’t get any better…Saint Gregory HAD to rework the track, “All the Time.” Equally as fun with a few more sonic detours, Saint Gregory’s version of “All the Time” is worth adding to your SWIMM collection. While the original has a light and airy beach vibe with bongos carrying the beat, the remix is a bit heavier and demanding with substantial electronic dance breaks. Check it out:

Fake Guns remixes “Belly” by SWIMM

SWIMM is a longstanding favorite of MFL, and Fake Guns, becoming a favorite remixer of MFL favorites! Brooklyn producer Fake Guns is gaining momentum with the release of “Outcast” by Mainland and now the track “Belly” by LA band, SWIMM.

Fake Guns tacks on fuzzy buzzin’ synths, twinkling harp-like sounds, and an insanely catchy rhythm and percussion layer to SWIMM’s already catchy track. Fake Guns adds an air of lightness to “Belly.” The track wants to just float away! SWIMM said this about the Fake Guns remix:

“Every once in a while, someone does more of a reimagining of a song than a remix and you kind of wish you had imagined it that way the first time. This is one of those times”.


FINALLY: SWIMM releases their “Beverly Hells” EP on the new 24West Records!

The long anticipated release of SWIMM’s newest musical piece of work happened Friday, August 28th. The release of Beverly Hells has been the subject of many of Music For Lunch’s posts AND was even a topic of conversation between myself and The Kickdrums’, Alex Fitts. Alex Fitts and Rich Nardo of 24West created 24West Records.

Earlier this year, I got to ask Chris Hess some questions about his project with the other half of SWIMM, Adam Winn. To read that, click here!

You can stream the EP here:

Or show them some love in the form of $ so they can tour somewhere where you live and buy it!

I can’t say enough good things about this EP. It’s been the soundtrack to my summer since day one when I discovered “Beverly Hells.” Each track is different that the previous and following tracks, making it diverse and fresh with every listen. My personal favorite is “All he Time.” There’s a far reaching yearning to the vocals in this track that’s underlined by a deliciously lighthearted beat. “Suddenly” was the biggest surprise for me on the EP and it’s an excellent choice for a closing track. Give it a listen. It doesn’t end where it begins.

Cheers, SWIMM. Can’t wait to hear what you do next!

Tour dates below!


NEW SINGLE from SWIMM: “Belly”

They’ve been teasing us all, dropping tracks one at a time. Thankfully it’s only 3 weeks exactly until the release of their EP, Beverly Hells. The release date is August, 28th and excitingly, it will be the second EP released on 24Wests’ new record label. A project built from the ground up by Alex Fitts (check out the interview I did with him a few days ago) and Rich Nardo of 24West PR. by The newest single, “Belly” was just released and is the perfect depiction of what these guys do best: compiling a diverse set of rock styles with an irresistibly catchy chorus that bounces between your ears with ease for hours. Check it out.

I think it’s pretty obvious I’m a SWIMM fan. I refuse to let a single get out without sharing it with all of my lovely “Music For Lunchers.” You’re welcome. SWIMM will be touring the west coast in September then bouncing across the states, followed by some time in Canada. Don’t miss them!

Tour dates below:

SWIMM tour

Ciao for Now (not a post about Rush…but you should read/listen on anyway)

It’s time for a little vacation again! What better way to kick it off than to see Rush…yep, they’re touring again! This will be my first time seeing these rock legends. This week (or I should say last weeks’ since I didn’t get the playlist up yesterday) playlist won’t feature any tracks by Rush but it does feature a whole lot of other awesome bands originating every where from LA to Cape Town, South Africa!

See you in a few days or next week, Music For Lunchers!

Insight into the world of SWIMM, with 1/2 the duo, Chris Hess.

I recall very clearly where I was when I heard “Beverly Hells” for the first time. If you were looking for me at this moment, you would have found me sitting in my room sitting on the floor with a beer in hand, laptop open, making a playlist and trying to escape the chaos of the kitchen. I was swiftly surfing through tracks on various record labels, poking around musicians and other music-lovers profiles on Soundcloud and in the blink of an eye (or ear?) I heard this:

If you are like me, the first 10 seconds of that song sell you AND if you are also like me, you knew based on the first 10 seconds of the song, that it was going to be worth all 4 minutes of your life it was about to take up. Thanks to help from some new friends I’ve made, I was able to exchange words with Chriss Hess whose other half is Adam Winn. Check out our conversation below:

Your first EP, ‘Feel’, is an adventure. I literally have no idea what to expect from song to song and I LOVE IT. Is this a reflection of your personalities, musical inspirations or something else?

 It is definitely a reflection of our A.D.D. taste in music.  We are really into such a wide array of stuff that it is really difficult for me not want to channel all of everything into our own music . . . Despite how stressful that can become when someone asks you to define your sound.  I get just as inspired listening to Sade as I do listening to Unknown Mortal Orchestra.  That’s the beauty and the problem haha.  

I hear so many different aspects of various artists from past and present in your music. I hesitate to name them because I honestly don’t know how musicians feel about being “characterized” based on who they sound like…so, unless you request this information from me, I’ll just ask you who you think you may sound like or if you feel you’re completely unique! What is it about SWIMM that sets you apart?

I hesitate to name them too.  The thing is anyone that I emulate I don’t see as human.  I almost see them as Demi-gods which i think everyone does to their idols to a certain extent. So for me to say I think I sound like someone I hold to such a high standard is almost preposterous.  But also that is never the goal… To just sound like exactly like something cause you like it.   It’s going to happen cause nothing is purely original but let’s just say for the sake of the question that our biggest goal is to sound unique even though I’m sure we don’t always succeed in that.    

One of the things that sets you apart for me personally, is what I mentioned in the first question. The fact that I can’t predict, even if I try my darndest, where the next song may take me.

Thank you! 

I do thoroughly enjoy your cover of “Take a Walk on the Wild Side.” Is it stressful or do you feel pressure covering songs by legends like Lou Reed? What inspired this cover? All Soundcloud says is that it’s been up for a year so I’m not sure if you covered it near the time of his passing.

Oh wow thank you.  I forget that is up for the public to hear.  I recorded that about a year or two before he passed but put it up on soundcloud later I think when I posted a a tribute I wrote to him when he died that I put on the SWIMM blog and then later in the SWIMM Zine.  His life and death had real effect on me.  

What are the most fun songs to play live or recording? The more rock-based songs like “Tisk TIsk”, the ones with a more psychedelic edge like “Too Old” or the ones that lean more towards folk rock like “Wanderer” and “Souvenir?” It’s okay if they’re all fun! And I could be completely mis-categorizing your music so correct my categorizations if you need to!

Haha it is always a little more fun to play the more aggressive songs but lately it has actually been super fun to play Beverly Hells.  Noticing people singing along is kind of a wild feeling. Pretty darn invigorating.  

“Beverly Hells”…delicious track. When can we expect more? Or perhaps a new record?

We will be putting another single out in early June.  Then we will be putting out an ep a couple months after that and then we will get the album together for release. We are constantly writing and recording so it is an exciting time for us now since we are finally putting these songs out into the universe. 

 Touring! What has your experience been in the past touring? How about a pros and cons list. Let’s make it 5 pros and 5 cons. Feel free to answer this individually or collectively and be as creative as you please. If there are no cons, that’s fine, too!  


  1. New friends that say “hey we have guest rooms with beds back at my house for you bro!”
  2. New friends that say “hey we have weed at my house for you bro!”
  3. New friends that say “hey we have some drugs for you at my house bro!”
  4. New friends that say “hey there will be SOO many chicks back at my house for ya’ll bro!”
  5. Seasons.  Getting to see the Fall in Boston last year was absolutely wonderful.


  1. Not being able to sleep when you want.  
  2. When you drive for 8 hours and then have to immediately get on stage and be pumped up. 
  3. Being a “guest” wherever you go for a month straight gets pretty wearing.

Overall tour is sort of a love/hate thing.  There is a lot about it that is kind of a drag.  Just being honest.  But there are moments that you just won’t ever get that have made my life so much better and without sounding too corny… those do make it worth it.

What was the very first SWIMM song and did it make it onto the ‘Feel’ EP? Along those lines, how long were you two playing music together before SWIMM became a thing and what are some of the biggest changes you’ve noticed, if anything, in your music since the beginning?

The first SWIMM song was “Souvenir”.  I demoed that song years before SWIMM was even a band but never put it out until the Feel EP.  Really the only change I could think of would be that the music is evolving into more lyrically focused music. 




Big thanks to Chris Hess for answering my questions and being part of Music For Lunch and huge thanks to both Chris and Adam Winn for what they’ve given to us music-listeners!

Click here to get to my “More by that artist” page where you can find links to all kinds of good SWIMM stuff!

Something for your ears and eyes by SWIMM

I can’t even remember quite how I heard of SWIMM but that’s not important, what’s important is that Chris Hess + Adam Winn = M.A.G.I.C. Their music bounces between the lines of rock, psych-rock, electronic pop and…whatever else you can catches your ear at the time. From Florida originally, the duo is now based out of LA.

They recently put out two new videos of them playing “Beverly Hells” and “Hope You’re Staying.” The filming process was pretty dang cool. It all took place at “The Cube”, Hess and Winn’s warehouse in LA, under the direction of Alex Familian and with visuals by Brandon Lomax. Check out the Buzzsession at Wild Honey Pie for all the details. The videos are below: