EP Review: “EP One” by Swedish duo, Newtimers

Newtimers is the work of Swedish duo Andreas Britton Cavaco (vocals) and Tim Lundblad (drums, production). The two have honed in on a kind a musical genre they can call their own. They merge elements of R & B, 80s synth pop and I have to say it, Michael Jackson. There is a subtly seductive sound to their debut EP, EP One, which was released June of 2016 on Cosmos Music.

The EP was written at a time of heartbreak for both Andreas and Tim but the guys didn’t want heartbreak to the theme. Despite the melancholic material, the EP is laced with an uplifting sense of power and the human broken heart’s ability to move forward. The opening cut, “The Best of Me” instantly sucked me in. It’s sexy and catchy without the over-production that comes with some mainstream music from the same vein. Andreas’ smooth vocals hover above melodies that hark back to 80’s and 90’s pop R & B. “The Best of Me” is about as amplified as the EP gets. Check out the music video:



Following is, “Flower on the Moon”, another velvety gem, perfectly produced. The moment the track begins, you can sense the lights going down. It’s the epitome of that subtle seductive sound I mentioned. The closing track is the single, “Perfect Ten”, which received a great deal of attention upon release for obvious reasons. The EP also features two remixes of “Best of Me”, one by the acclaimed Monsierur Adi and another by Sailor & I.

Since the release of their debut EP, they’ve released the new spunky single, “She’s a Gun.” Check it out:


Exquisite music video from Swedish duo, Flora Cash: “For Someone”

Flora Cash is the artistic collaboration of husband and wife Cole Randall and Shpresa Lleshaj. The couple met back in 2012, their lives becoming intertwined through their music. Fast forward to 2016 and they’re working on their newest mini LP titled, Can Summer Love Last Forever? 

Earlier this year they released their first single off of this upcoming record and not long after, an accompanying music video. “For Someone” is the kind of song that tugs at your heart strings in a way few songs can. There is an audible ache you can hear in the lyrics, underlying Cole and Shpresa’s flawless voices. This is only magnified in the gorgeous music video with stunning views and pops of color against a wintery back drop.


Be sure to keep up with Flora Cash and don’t miss their upcoming mini LP, Can Summer Love Last Forever? Find out more about Flora Cash on their website.


Debut EP from Stockholm singer-songwriter, Erik Fhager NOW!

I discovered Erik Fhager while poking around on Soundcloud. I stumbled upon this track:

I was instantly attracted to the gentle power and driving, marching percussion that serves as the backdrop for Erik Fhager’s soft but pitch perfect voice in “Every Oscar in the World.”

Erik Fhager is a solo singer-songwriter/guitarist based out of Stockholm, Sweden who has been collaborating with some of Sweden’s finest including Agnes and LÈON. Today, Erik Fhager released his debut EP titled Premiere. You can find the new EP on iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud! With a hint of blues and folk, Erik Fhager’s thoughtful songwriting is sure to capture a large audience. About his songwriting, Fhager says:

“It was first when I met the producer Zebastian Swartz that I found a clear vision of the retro sound that we captured in these songs. In the music we constantly sought contrast; a never-ending swing between the joy and resigned brokenness of life.”

Sizzling song for a hot weekend: “Our Love Falls Out Of” by The Black Sun’s Darling

The Black Sun’s Darling is a trio out of Stockholm and Åre, Sweden composed of Julia (vocals), Sebastian (bass, organs, vocals) and Andreas (drums). Their music video for “Our Love Falls Out Of” is simple and to the point. The three of them are silhouetted through the entire video, the drummer never even takes a seat and that guitar lick makes the guitar literally sound like it’s melting, especially around 0:54.

With three tracks out, this trio is on a roll. Each of their track are unique which bodes well for their sound. I’m crossing my fingers for an EP or a full length soon!