Start the Morning

Some blissed out psychedelic bliss rock from Givers & Takers

Givers & Takers is a four piece originally from Santa Barbara, CA. They effortlessly combine soul, rock and psychedelia into one helluva smooth sound. Their music is both familiar and foreign. There are hints of authentic soul, blues, rock and R&B mixed with current versions of the aforementioned musical genres. The ability to take something familiar and reinvent, is what makes Givers & Takers’ music unique and fresh but also recognizable and friendly on the ears and soul.

Check out their latest single, “Stranger”, a track inspired by the band’s belief that if you want to be free, then you are most certainly allowed to be:

Their previous single, “Start the Morning” is equally as smooth, creamy and delightful. You can’t help but let yourself melt into the track immediately.



Givers & Takers will be playing at Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara, CA on April 1st and stay tuned for news about their upcoming EP!