St. Niklas

Playlist: New Season, New Songs

With the change in season comes new music. I hope you enjoy it.

Playlist: Spring and Summer Sounds Vol II

Here it is! Volume II – 30 songs deep and over 2 hours long. Hopefully you find something in there you like.


New single from Norwegian pop artist, St. Niklas: “C-O-O-L”

With a debut EP already out and a silky smooth new single, St. Niklas is paving the way for a luscious musical career. Origo, St. Niklas’ debut EP, was released in 2015 and he’s already gaining momentum with the release of his newest track, “C-O-O-L”, which is off of his upcoming EP, “C-O-O-L EP.”

His latest single is undeniably suave, fully equipped with saxophone, alluring vocals and a subtle 80’s touch. Check it out:

Triple Decker

Yes, it’s been three weeks since I’ve made a playlist. BUT, don’t worry, this week’s has 30 tracks so I’m making up for it! I say no more…just listen.