Son Lux

“Open your ears and tell me what you hear”: Son Lux’s new album ‘Bones’ is out June 23rd

That is a tiny portion of the lyrics from my favorite track,”Your Day Will Come” on the latest Son Lux record, Bones. Like the most recent work of Son Lux, this entire record is absolutely commanding. It commands you to listen with the jarring, jutting and chill-invoking percussion of Ian Chang, withering but powerful vocals of Ryan Lott and the explosive work of guitarist, Rafiq Bhatia.

NPR is streaming Bones in it’s entirety for the next week so people like me can obsess over it until we can buy our own copy. Listen and read more by clicking here. 

If you want to have a taste of the “commanding” nature I speak of, listen below:

Too busy for music?!

I’ve neglected some of my favorite music sources including All Songs Considered, Sound Opinions, Soundcloud, new friends (for example, I’d never heard of Andy Shauf until I did my interview with In HØck…click on these bold words and you can read it) and the Hype Machine. Now that I am back to reality, I’ve been catching up on all of these sources and my musical mind has been absolutely blown. I have nothing more to say but the summary below of what has graced my ears over the last couple of weeks post spring break. Music will never cease to amaze, entertain and shape me. I love that.

Need to calm down?

Sometimes I do…and sometimes other people do, too! Be anxious or nervous is normal, right? Last year at a conference, my friend was giving a short talk. She was nervous, for obvious reasons, so I played her this (I recommend that you stick with the whole song. It’s rather dynamic and ends somewhere COMPLETELY different than it starts):

I love that this video has the lyrics, too. It’s even more effective! Who doesn’t have days or situations where there “hips don’t dip” or their “mix don’t match?!” I think we all do. Or when you’re “on your own two feet but you’re not standing upright?”

Like I said above, let this song guide you from start to finish. Sisyphus is a trio composed of the rapper, Serengeti, Ryan Lott of Son Lux and Sufjan Stevens. Quite the triangle of talent I’d say AND they really capitalize on their versatility as musicians in their full length, self-titled album that was released in 2014.

“Calm It Down” is the perfect example of the journey a lot of the songs on this album lead you on. Choppy beats complimented by Serengeti that bleed flawlessly into Sufjan Stevens’ calming section, buttered with smooth, electronic sounds.