Okkervil River

Sifting through the collection, Day 2: “Stay Young”

As I mentioned a couple days ago, I got out all of the records I’ve collected from live shows I’ve attended in Bozeman. That quest is still continuing and today, rather than picking favorites from all of the records I listened to yesterday and today, I decided to focus on one. Plus, my favorite song on the record is a mantra I want to strive to live by forever. “Stay Young” off of ‘The Silver Gymnasium’, Okkervil River’s newest album.

A couple years ago the Austin-based band, Okkervil River passed through Bozeman, MT. I had already fallen for their music after listening to their newest album, which they were currently on tour for, ‘The Silver Gymnasium’, over and over again. Frontman, Will Sheff, and others have been making music together since 1998. That’s a solid 17 years! In that time the band’s lineup of musicians shifted and changed but Will Sheff has kept plowing along, creating colorful albums with whomever was currently in the band. They’ve had an incredibly successful 17 years of music-making, releasing seven albums and an EP, not counting all of their collaborations with other musicians over the years. Boy were these fellas a blast live. They even did this thing called “Golden Opportunities” where they recorded a set of their songs, all 80’s covers, at our very own Filling Station in Bozeman, MT. They then released all of those recorded songs for free. It was quite the night! Scroll to the bottom of this link and you can listen to the set they played and partially recorded in Bozeman.

NOW, Will Sheff is working non-stop on a short film inspired by his childhood in the 1980’s in his hometown of Meriden, New Hampshire. He started a Kickstarter a while back, which I proudly supported. Excitingly, the project was funded and December 8th of 2014, Sheff posted on his Kickstarter that he and others were working on the finishing touches of the project. I adore the song “Down Down the Deep River” which is the title track and name of the short film. Here is a trailer for the short film:

Check out the Kickstarter page for the project!

I do love that song but my true favorite off of ‘The Silver Gymnasium’ is “Stay Young.” Not only do I remember a particular time where I was living the first 5 or 10 seconds of the music video (yes, I let my friend drive me around on his 4-wheeler while we were partying up at his cabin….) but there really is something so youthful about this song.

Stay young, listeners!