New track from Norwegian 4-piece, As he said: “Parasite”

Fresh off a tour of Northern Norway, the Norwegian organic pop group based out of Trondheim, As he said, released their newest single titled, “Parasite.” The track takes you on a musical trek through a world where jazz, pop, tight drum lines and faraway vocals converge.

According to the band, all four musicians:

Synnøve Gustavsen Ovrid

Torbjørn Kobberstad

Bendik Romundstad and

Sigurd Underhaug Nermoen

all have diverse musical backgrounds, explaining the convergence of so many styles in their music. Stay tuned for more from As he said

New single from Norwegian POP group, Catching Cooper

Sugary sweet straight up POP. Catching Cooper is a Norwegian pop/rock group based out of Trondheim, Norway composed of Kristian Dahl Bergsland, Jo Tran, Robin Araya and Sigurd Nermoen. This group recently released the single, “Radio” and just got back from a three week tour around Norway in celebration of the single. A an explosive and catchy chorus gives these easy-on-the-ears track, the pop-rock touch. Check out the music video below:

For more about Catching Cooper, check out their Facebook page and Soundcloud!

Out today: Norway’s Jenny Hval releases her newest full length.

I’ll start with this:

Apocalypse, girl, Hval’s latest work, is out today,June 9th, on Sacred Bones. Pensive, unpredictable, unsettling, real. Apocalypse, girl leads you places you may never take yourself both sonically and thoughtfully. “Heaven” is my favorite track off the record:

This is her fifth album and the idea sparked from an interview she had with Lass Marhaug which lead to him producing this very record. An incredible team of musicians convened for Apocalypse, girl, including Håvard Volden,  Kyrre Laastad, Okkyung Lee, Øystein Moen (Jaga Jazzist/Puma), Rhodri Davis and Thor Harris (Swans).

Sharp harmonies, spoken word and sounds only she could come up with are scattered throughout this work. My favorite aspect of this record is that right when I think I have it figured out, I don’t. She’s constantly surprising me. For my last and final example, “Holy Land” the closing track of the record. It’s a 10 minute piece. Listen without expectations because they will fail you:


Photos credit: Jenny Berger Myhre, courtesy of Pitch Perfect PR

The cookies are almost as irresistible as this song…


I did it! With a little help from my favorite frosting buddy (you know who you are!), we frosted all 4 dozen of them, with style. All we had were pastel colors…but I think it works. AND, while making the frosting today, this little diddy came on and a solo dance party around the kitchen ensued:

The above is the official music video for Norwegian DJ, Todd Terje’s newest album, ‘It’s Album Time’, and it’s a good one. All around. The music video is odd, endearing, slightly depressing and so dance-worthy all at the same time. Terje’s house/disco/synth/dance/techno sound isn’t necessarily my style but he’s really good at what he does and “Inspector Norse” is a beauty. Good luck not dancing to this song.