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New video from Cass McCombs: “I Cannot Lie”

On December 11th of 2015, singer/songwriter Cass McCombs, released the demon of a record, A Folk Set Apart: Rarities, B-Sides & Space Junk, Etc on Domino Records. This full value record summarizes the last 10 years of Cass McCombs’ life and includes songs from 2003 to 2014. With 19 tracks including 5 unreleased tracks, A Folk Set Apart…, is sure to satisfy lovers of Cass McCombs and gather new fans.

The album is out now, iTunes and Domino Mart, as is a new music video for the opening cut, “I Cannot Lie”:


Album Review: “Gardens” by Chicago’s own, Sedgewick

So familiar, but so unfamiliar, Sedgewick has honed in on exactly what my ears love: something creative, unique, eccentric and new yet something friendly and recognizable despite the fact that I’d never had the pleasure of allowing their music to grace my ears until recently.

In their music I hear the fantastically rare vocals that remind me of Alt-J, the warm, emotionally drenched lyricism and instrumentation of Horse Feathers and The Oh Hellos and the celebratory pounding and harmonies of Fleet Foxes. I am head over heels for these four unassuming songs that make up Sedgewick’s most recently released EP, Gardens. 

The opening cut, “The World in You”, tenderly draws you in and releases you to the sonic loveliness that Sedgewick has built. The strings and vocal harmonies will melt you:

Following the first track, is “Nostalgia” a raw and beautiful track featuring identifiable sounds from everyone’s childhood: giggles, shouts of joy, and innocent enthusiasm for life.

The only reason I’m not writing about the other two songs on the EP is because I want you to hear and feel them for yourselves. Gardens was released this past spring of 2015 and you can find it on Sedgewick’s Bandcamp page and on iTunes. Additionally, they were featured on Daytrotter where they premiered some new material that we can all look forward to hearing again next year on a new record. Sedgwick is composed of Chicago fellows Sam Brownson, Oliver Horton, and Jake Hawryla.

Psychedelic prog rock fairy tale, anyone?

Released on Halloween this year of 2015, San Francisco psychedelic prog rock group, REPTIEL, dished out the first of a series of sci-fi fantasy rock records. The record is titled, Hobitozz….A Land That Never Was and the story takes place in a world that exists somewhere in betwixt Middle Earth and Oz where the character Forest Boy must bury his recently decease father and go on a journey to discover his destiny in the world of Hobitozz.

Altogether, the band has played in 23 bands in San Francisco and now have happily settled the project they call REPTIEL. The crux of the project revolves around members Alec Way, Brian Weaver, Jason Gonzales, and Jason Yakich’s passion for practicing the art of ceremonial musick, deriving the material for their indie prog rock with a sci-fi twist from legends, Celtic mythology and the planets.

One of my favorite tracks on the record is the blustery, fast-paced track, lyrically minimal, “Leaves Are Falling.”

The truly wonderful thing about REPTIEL beyond their obvious musical virtuosity, storytelling abilities and organic creativity is that their music reaches a diverse audience. Fans of sci-fi, fantasty, prog rock, and indie rock can find a niche for themselves in Hobitozz…A Land That Never Was. The record was released on Cubby Control Records and can be found at the band’s Bandcamp page.


“Suspended Girl (ii)” by Jon Varley

Jon Varley is a musician based out of Victoria, B.C. who’s had extensive experience playing with other bands in the area like Painted Fruits and Novel. In addition to his collaborative musical efforts, Varley has also embarked on a solo career which began in 2015 with the release of S/T. 

Now, Varley is working on his latest, The Missing Kink, which will be out December 12th on Citrus City and Don’t Fall Collective. He’s released a small taste of the record recently in the form of “Suspended Girl (ii)”, a track that clearly displays Varley’s influences like The Kinks and The Velvet Underground.

You can pre-order the album on Bandcamp now!

New album coming from Nap Eyes!

This coming February of 2016, the 5th of February to be exact, Nova Scotian band, Nap Eyes is due to release their newest piece of musical work titled, Thought Rock Fish Scale.

This band takes their thoughtful garage (sometimes surf) rock and records it live directly to tape with no overdubbing, which gives them their characteristic sound. They released a track off of that upcoming record called “Mixer.” A surf rock lullaby with an insistent metronomic beat, “Mixer” is a track that starts with sorting through the thoughts of a wall flower at a mixer on a Friday night. It’s almost as if song writer and rhythm guitarist Nigel Chapman is reading the lyrics straight from a book, but it works. It gives the lyricism a sense of simplicity without being superficial.

Featured Image by Colin Medley

Pre-order Thought Rock Fish Scale on iTunes!



New album on the horizon from Quilt!

Subdued psychedelic rock group, Quilt, announced recently they will be releasing their third full length, Plaza, February 26th of 2016 via Mexican Summer.

The first single, “Eliot St.” is decorated with the cozy harmonies, muted vocals, and lovely guitar strummin’ that Quilt is so well known for.

Quilt just wrapped up their tour with Widowspeak but if you missed them, you can console yourself by pre-ordering Plaza here.