Milly Beau

The perfect song for a grey Saturday morn, “Rainbow” by Boh Doran.

It’s rather grey here in Bozeman which is a little sad for a Saturday morning considering yesterday was blue bird and in the mid 70s. However, I have some musical medicine to add some color. Regardless of the color of the sky where you are, you should have a listen and a look at the music video for Boh Doran’s freshest track, “Rainbow”:

Boh Doran was born a performer and was forced to heed that passion throughout her life. Her first creative project was Milly Beau, a band named after her great-grandmother of New Orleans, who was a great musical inspiration for her. After four years of existence, Milly Beau went their separate ways and Boh went solo, which lead her to where she is now: working in LA on her debut solo album with well known writers/producers Ethan Mentzer and Jon Kaplan.


Her fresh, rich, glittering vocals and pop sound were inspired by 60s and 70s rock and soul but despite the upbeat nature of Boh’s sound, she also likes to explore “the darker side of the human heart.”


Photos courtesy of Sneak Attack Media.