Michaela May

YouTube Playlist: Spring Kinda Sprung

Whether you’ve had a spring full of sun, snow, rain, clouds, you name it…here is some music (some with accompanying visuals) to deal with whatever kind of interesting spring weather you’ve had!




Playlist: Spring in Full Swing

Not sure I even remember how to do this “blog-posting” thing! Been breaking my heart to not have time to share music. Here I lay before you, some wonderful music that has eagerly been waiting the attention of your ears since March.

Playlist: Summer Sounds Vol III

Deep in the depths of my inbox, sonic magic awaits:

Music video from Michaela May conveys strong message about women today: “1954”

Below the obvious pop-flavored overtones lie a message with a heavier and more profound thought; the thought that, according to May, “Society often talks about how far women have come, but there are still some fundamental issues that beg the question, is this still 1954?”

In the visual representation of her message, May is poked, prodded, made up, painted, tugged on, groped and stripped until during the final moments, a plastic surgeon enters. The message that may not be clear by the airy sound of the track is crystal clear in her music video.


Stay tuned for more from Michaela May. An EP should be coming our way later this year.