Mexico City Blondes

Interview: A peek into the world of Mexico City Blondes

Santa Barbara-based duo, Mexico City Blondes, is composed of Allie Thompson (AT) and Greg Doscher (GD), (live, they feature Jesse Aumiller, Jordan Chetakian, and Scott Pritchett, who you will read a bit more about below) both of which took the time to answer my bizarro questions. Well, they’re not all bizarro, but some of them are.

If you were to pick a decade, besides our current decade (2010 to 2019),that you could imagine your music being a soundtrack to, what would it be?

GD: Perhaps the late 50’s to late 60’s. Thinking of the transition from the smoother, polished type crooning of the 50s evolving towards the psychedelic rock of the late 60s. Basically from Frank Sinatra to Nancy Sinatra to Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane or The Animals.

The reason I ask is because so much of what makes music in our time has been recycled. The sounds are recycled but not the content because the content is always changing with our changing history.The sound is advancing technologically but the heart of the sound is recycled. I feel musicians now go back to sounds that were coveted and loved in the past.

Even better, but maybe too specific, if you could pick any movies from the last 40 years, what movies or movie would you Mexico City Blondes’ songs be in?

GD: Always been a big Kubrick fan. Not sure if our sound would’ve worked in 2001, Clockwork, or Eyes Wide Shut (they were all sound tracked beautifully) but would’ve been a great honor. The aesthetic of his films was flawless.

 Have you played many live shows yet? If so, what is the scene at your live shows? Answer these:

AT: We have focused on playing live shows over the past year, and it’s been a fun to share our music with people, especially those who are familiar with our songs.

GD: Scene has been great. All the crowds we’ve played for have been very enthusiastic and a lot of fun. 

Age range:

AT: Roughly 24-30, but of course there are outliers who enjoy our set just as much as the next guy.  

Audience members eyes open or closed for most of the show:

AT: Open 

Are people dancing alone, in couples or in globs:

AT: Dancing alone

Do you prefer to play at bars, breweries or house parties?

AT: The preference is to play at music venues that create a space for people to actually listen.  We have been fortunate to play lots of bars that have this goal in mind, and we have even lucked out in hotel courtyard settings.  Anywhere there are music lovers, we love to play there! 

Which brings me to, who is Mexico City Blondes? It’d be cool to know who is playing what instrument.

AT: For our live set, Greg plays guitar, Allie plays a bit of Keyboard and sings.  To fill out the rest of the sound, we found three solid Santa Barbara players.  Jordan Chetakian is on bass, Jesse Aumiller on keys and Scott Pritchett on drums

Since I’m on the subject, can you talk about the inception of Mexico City Blondes, including the creation of the band name?

GD: I met Allie after I put an ad out on Craigslist looking for a singer to collaborate and record some songs with. She sent me a few demos and I really liked the character of her voice, thought it was really unique. We didn’t have a name for the project until we had already recorded a few songs and were about to release the first single (Fade). It’s something I had kicking around in my head for years after a flight to Mexico City and I just threw it out there since we were struggling to come up with something. Allie loved it and so we went with it.

If you could pick four artists you would LOVE to share studio space (record with) or a stage with, who would they be? They can be current or musicians that are, sadly, not with us anymore.

AT: Beach House

GD: Neil Young, David Bowie, John Lennon 

What is the plan? Are we being teased one single at a time for an upcoming EP or full length? Along those lines, is a tour in the works?

AT: We are having fun working on an EP currently, and we hope to set up a tour to promote it sometime this year. 

Dream destinations. What are the top four cities you’d love to play in and, briefly, why?

AT:For the love of travel and seeking out like-minded music-lovers like ourselves…

Perth, Australia

Glastonbury, UK

Tokyo, Japan

Ausitn, TX 

Photos below courtesy of Mexico City Blondes and 24West.

MCB Live 2 MCB LIve

Thank you to Mexico City Blondes’, Greg and Allie, for sharing a piece of their musical minds with Music For Lunch! If you want to hear more, find them here in “More By That Artist M-R”, under Mexico City Blondes. 

One more thing, check out their newest track below:

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