EP Review: Australian R&B electronic duo, Hoodlem

If you need some spicy, quirky, sexy electronic R&B in your life, Hoodlem’s got your back. Their new age interpretation of R&B is already turning heads, gaining them positive attention from the likes of NYLON, MTV and Fader to name a few. The Australian electronic duo recently released their debut self-titled EP via Caroline Australia. The EP holds 5 groovy tracks that dim the lights and set the mood.

A highlight for me on the record is “Kintsugi” a gorgeous, swaying, dizzying track inspired by the Japanese art form from which it got its name. Kintsugi is taking something broken and repairing it with gold and Hoodlem applies this art to human beings. Why can’t we put our heart and soul back together with gold?

“IGOTU” is a gloriously shameless R&B shout out to the 90’s while maintaining what makes Hoodlem’s music fresh and unique. It’s danceable but also bedroom-worthy. Then there are songs like “4 Real” which showcases Hoodlem’s ability to create unique, unpredictable, trippy beats.

The EP wraps up with “Old Friend”, a stunning, smooth as honey finish to the EP. This track highlights their diversity as musicians. To me, it’s a stand alone track. It’s the most even track on the entire EP, the easiest to grasp.The vocals are gorgeous, the lyrics tell a familiar story; it’s irresistible.

You can purchase the EP on iTunes now.


New video from Melbourne musician, Nearly Oratorio: “Tin”

Nearly Oratorio is a one man electronic project created by Simon Lam.Five years ago he released his first EP, Shower EP and between now and then, he has been anything but idle. While his first release gained momentum, he worked with Kllo, I’lls,Jaala, Good Morning, Asdasfr Bawd, Wabz, Naysayer & Gilsun, The Ocean Party, Kins, Slum Sociable among others. Lam’s beautifully subtle and introverted interpretation of music makes it approachable by all. April of this year he released another EP, Tin, which is available on Bandcamp and iTunes now.

Check out the live clip/recording of “Tin”, recorded on an old VHS camera in 2013:


Poignant single and accompanying video from Melbourne artist, Vinten

Vinten has graced our ears with simple, supple, sensitive songs. His latest EP, What Has Been, is a gorgeous debut for Vinten. Within the EP are six tracks, each unique, intimate and beautiful in their own way. There is one standalone track on the EP, however and it happens to be Vinten’s latest single. “Creep” isn’t a celebration of love, a song of sadness or a ballad of loss. The EP’s closing track, “Creep”, is a haunting and resonant single that inhabits your heart, mind and spine in the most magnificent way.

With the track comes a visual presentation that frame by frame matches the song note by note: insects crawl and creep, red-tinted waters rush, birds float and fly. The images and videos are distorted, broken and bent adding lush imagery to the dark vocals and brooding instrumentals.


You can find Vinten’s latest EP, What Has Been, on Bandcamp now. He is currently working up a new EP.

Vinten’s shares with the world his debut EP

Vinten is the musical alias of Melbourne’s Cameron Paice. After a break from making and releasing music, Paice is back with a new EP fully adorned with five unique hard strumming dream folk tracks.  The EP is titled What Has Been and can be purchased on Bandcamp. My favorite as of now is the closing track, “Creep”, which has a certain eeriness and foggy feeling to it. Paice’s ghostly voice sits atop faraway instrumentals with gentle guitar picking that builds into something more powerful and complex that toes the line of indie electronic and pop.

In addition to his new EP, Vinten has also released an emotive video for his single, “You Don’t Know Me.” About the music video Paice says:

“Out West Rebellion really captured what the song is all about. Dreaming vs reality, and the feeling of when the world you have built up in your head comes crashing down.”


New single from Melbourne’s Vinten: “You Don’t Know Me”

Vinten is a solo singer/songwriter out of Melbourne. Vinten is not new to the music scene in Melbourne but he has taken a few year hiatus from writing and releasing. He’s back now with new inspirations, new sounds and new and beautiful melodies. His most recent single “You Don’t Know Me” was released last week.

“You Don’t Know Me” introduces itself as a folk song with lamenting strings but blooms into a truly shimmering piece. This song explores the way we reflect upon who we use to be as children and how we have to let that go because that’snot necessarily how we are now. It’s as if he’s telling his childhood self,

You don’t know me.


New single from Melbourne five-piece, Canary: “Here We Go”

“Here We Go” is a song that you never really figure out. It changes tone, mood and intent quickly, but not too quickly. It grabs you by the ear and pulls you on a nearly 4 minute journey through every emotion, treating you to every instrument. All of this set to a driving beat with building intensity that never slows down. Before I tell you more, have a listen:

canary band

Canary came to be back in 2007 when Matthew Kenneally (vocals, guitars) brought together two unlikely musical partners, a trumpet player with a knack for beat-boxing and a violinist. Now Canary is Matthew Kenneally (vocals, guitars), Adam Dean (guitars), Lachlan O’ Kane (drums), Isaac Barter (Bass), and Ed Fairlie (rumpet, beatboxing, percussion). Together they’ve released one full length (Dear Universe in 2011) and are working on releasing their second full length, I Am Lion, which is due out early 2016. If it’s anything like the two tracks I’ve heard from it thus far, it’s guaranteed to be absolutely killer.