Top 20 Round 3!

I’ve gathered together my favorite two tracks from the last 10 weeks of playlists! Have a listen and Happy Sunday!

Oh, and if you like that bar in the photo there, let me know because I’m selling it!

Catch of the day!

I don’t know ANYTHING about this group…besides the fact that they are based out of England and other music blogs must be chattering about them because their song “Temptation” was on Hype Machine’s Stack for this week! I heard “Temptations” and had to investigate….

I found this short little jam and I think it’s going to be the soundtrack to my day. “Waves”:

OH, and the group is called Lusts. I should have mentioned that WORDS ago. Keep an ear out for them.

Ah HA! I have figured out a little more…Lusts is composed of brothers, Andy and James Stone from Leicester in the UK!