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PHOX, PHILLING STATION (Filling Station) TONIGHT, May 22nd.

Baraboo, WI natives, PHOX will be gracing the Filling Station tonight here in Bozeman. Looks like it’s gonna rain so it’s a great night to be cozy inside a live show. I’d say we’re pretty fortunate to have these cats stop pass through our town. They’ve received rave reviews and beaucoup attention from some of my favorites, NPR’s All Songs Considered and Sound Opinions. Check out their Tiny Desk Concert below:

Show starts at 9pm tonight with Page and the People opening. Tickets are $15 at the door. See you all there!

On the road with Johnny Lundock of Futurebirds.

Tomorrow (Friday), April 3rd, Futurebirds will be ROCKING OUT at The Filling Station here in Bozeman. I saw these Athens, Georgia-based gentleman last year for the first time and was hardly prepared for the festivities that ensued. I don’t expect any less this year!

Johnny Lundock, current drummer for Futurebirds, took the time on their busy 2015 tour to answer some of my questions from his iPhone, no easy task! I can’t thank him enough for sharing stories, experiences and photos from their current tour. Johnny joined Futurebirds back in May of 2013 when he was living in Denver. At that time, Futurebirds was touring and opening for Band of Horses and after touring with them the summer of 2013, he decided to move to Nashville to be closer to the band. Read on to see what Johnny has to say about being on tour with ‘the birds.’

I see for your current 2015 tour, you made your way around the South including Louisiana, Alabama and Texas…more specifically, Austin, home of SXSW! How many times have you fellows been to SXSW during your musical life as Futurebirds?

 The band has played SXSW five or six times over the years. It’s a crazy time in Austin and there’s so many great bands playing all hours of the day. This last trip was my first with Futurebirds and it went really well. We played five shows overall. Our last show, the PGA showcase (our booking agency), was my favorite. We played with a bunch of bands we occasionally get to tour with.

I found this video from this year’s SXSW and I’ve seen many like it from the past.

What’s it like playing in that “Jam In the Van” van?!

 Jam In the Van was another SXSW highlight this year. It was our second experience in the van. It’s put on by a bunch of great folks and they treat all the bands very well. The Jam In the Van crew supplies us with good food, Lagunitas IPA and other treats. Their host, Spud, is a good friend of ours. Playing in the van itself is tight for a band of six dudes and they have to turn off the AC for recording purposes, but they get great shots and good sound. We like those folks.

Now you’re taking over the southwest and working up the west coast: California, Oregon, Washington…soon the northwest including us here in Bozeman! What have your favorite stops been on this tour so far and why?

 Being on the road is always fun for me, so picking stand out shows can be a challenge. I had a great time in New Orleans near the beginning of our tour. It happened to be the Saturday before St. Patty’s and the Quarter was really popping off. We spent the afternoon watching a great brass band and sipping on some beers. We played after the crazy parade downtown with Water Liars. Check them out if you haven’t yet! San Francisco was a stand out show as well. We just played a great show at nice venue for a rowdy crowd.

I took Johnny’s advice and checked out Water Liars. I was not disappointed!

 It seems like when touring, bands spend 80-90% of the time driving…and the remaining 10-20% playing music. What on EARTH do you do with all that van time?! What, if anything, do you listen to?

 Driving takes up a lot of tour time. I bring books to pass the time. We jam podcasts like WTF with Marc Maron. Most of the time we have a monster playlist going on Spotify. Follow the Futurebirds on Spotify and I think you listen to our playlists.

 This year will be my second time seeing you fellows play in Bozeman. The first time was early 2014 after the release of Baba Yaga. Had you played in Bozeman before that show? And, what do you like about Bozeman? I suppose I’m assuming you like playing here since you’re coming back again!

 We love Bozeman and any chance we have to play Montana. We have a lot of fun on tour anywhere we go, although it’s hard being away from our loved ones. Being in a different place everyday is a wild experience. Our days are relatively the same, but the nature of touring allows us to meet a lot of different people and enjoy many environments doing what we love. The thing I like most about Bozeman is that the crowd is really involved and happy to see a band from Athens, GA passing through their town. It makes for a better show and we appreciate folks taking time to come to our show.

Thanks to Mr. Johnny Lundock for chatting with Music For Lunch! Check out the photos below from their tour. 

 Once again, the show is Friday, April 3rd at the Filling Station. Bigsby Jones is opening for them! Showtime is “9pm”…tickets are $12 at Cactus Records and $15 at the door. See you there! AND, here’s a sampler of what’s in store for tomorrow night from Futurebirds.