Extremely tardy…

Hopefully this isn’t a theme for this academic year! I’m not usually this tardy. I’m more of a 7 minutes late than an hour late person…so that equates to a couple days late on playlists and not a week late. I’ll try not to be so tardy!

Doesn’t matter, though. Music doesn’t spoil. I’m really excited about this week’s playlist. I’m constantly impressed with musicians.

Ciao for Now (not a post about Rush…but you should read/listen on anyway)

It’s time for a little vacation again! What better way to kick it off than to see Rush…yep, they’re touring again! This will be my first time seeing these rock legends. This week (or I should say last weeks’ since I didn’t get the playlist up yesterday) playlist won’t feature any tracks by Rush but it does feature a whole lot of other awesome bands originating every where from LA to Cape Town, South Africa!

See you in a few days or next week, Music For Lunchers!