It is a small world!

It got smaller over lunch! I featured a group out of Seattle called Kithkin a couple weeks ago on my weekly playlist and I received a new iPod Nano for Christmas (my elderly one was becoming senile….RIP, little green guy!). I met with a dear friend at lunch today, whom I’m lucky to see twice a year, who lives in Seattle now and she brought a friend of hers from Seattle to lunch as well. I’m very excited about my new little green iPod so I decided to take it out and show it off a bit. I had just been listening to Kithkin in the car (very loudly…that’s the only way to listen to them!) so it was up on the screen when I brought my iPod out. Immediately my dear friend’s friend said Kithkin was her friend’s band! I suppose this isn’t surprising considering Kithkin is based out of Seattle and this gal lives in Seattle…but HEY! It’s a small world and music brings people together. The end!

Check out their most recent full performance on Seattle’s, KEXP:

And their official music video for “Altered Beast” off of their 2014 album, ‘Rituals, Trances and Ecstasies for Humans in the Face of Collapse’:

‘Rituals, Trances and Ecstasies for Humans in the Face of Collapse’ is their sophomore album and their debut album, ‘Takers and Leavers’ came out back in 2012.

Prime Rib and Fondue (yum, right?)

So this week’s playlist is compiled of some absolutely magical discoveries I have made thanks to some friends (Little May, Twin Peaks and White Arrows…you know who you are if you shared this music with me!) who shared their favorite albums of 2014 with me AND thanks to a fantastic music blog I came across this morning (Secretly Important) that had the blogger’s top 10 albums (some of which I had NEVER heard of….love it). The two Kithkin tracks were inspired by Secretly Important. I had to put both of them in the playlist because “Din IV” leads into “Fallen Giants” impeccably. I also have to thank Soundcloud for this playlist because since I’ve been doing these weekly playlists for the past several months, people (artists, record labels, and other music lovers) have been following me on Soundcloud so in turn, I follow them and check out their page. That’s how I discovered this gem by Afrakite. Looks like this Afrakite song was uploaded 3 days ago. I’m REALLY hoping this Montreal-based artist will shell out some more tracks that are as wonderful on the ears as “Grown Apart.”

I had a friend recommend Cataldo to me MONTHS ago and I finally got around to listening to him because his most recent album, ‘Gilded Oldies’, made it onto Secretly Important’s top 10 albums for 2014 as well. Broncho has been kickin’ around in my head allllll week and I’m loving it. These guys know how to have a good time and make good music while doing it. Afternoons’ in your face track, “Say Yes” was a favorite on NPR All Songs Considered and made it onto Robin Hilton’s favorites mix tape for 2014. Anna of the North out of Oslo, Norway really struck a chord with me because it was 6 years ago now I was preparing for my big adventure to Norway for a semester. Plus, her music is simply beautiful. Finally, Last Lynx, a group out of Sweden stole my heart when I heard their latest track, “Get Up”, on the trusty Hype Machine.  Oh and, last night I was treated to the most lovely prime rib for dinner and chocolate fondue for dessert. Had to name the playlist after that experience.