Playlist: Spring and Summer Sounds Vol II

Here it is! Volume II – 30 songs deep and over 2 hours long. Hopefully you find something in there you like.


Enchanting track from Nottingham lo-fi folkers, Keto: “Waiting on Dreams”

Keto is the innovation of singer/songwriter, Leah Sanderson who together with her band, create their own version of lo-fi folk. Keto has gained quite the reputation already this year, landing themselves a spot on the Glastonbury Emerging Talent list with the track, “Waiting on Dreams.”

“Waiting on Dreams” is an impressively beautiful, velvety track. Sanderson’s voice is something truly unique, being both powerful and eccentric. The lyrics drip out of her mouth in the most interesting way and it works flawlessly with the melancholic strings, xylophone and peaceful guitar plucking.


Keto’s debut EP, What We Do, will be released May of this year. The EP includes, “Waiting on Dreams.”