Kenton Slash Demon

Playlist: Summer Sounds Vol III

Deep in the depths of my inbox, sonic magic awaits:

A new one from KSD: “Peace”

KSD has the ability to create other worldly beats that transport listeners to another place. This time, they take us to another planet. An alien love story unfolds as chrome-clad puppeteers direct the romance until alas, the porcelain beauty is stolen away in a flying saucer. Amidst this retro-futuristic scene is a truly dance-worthy cut. Synthesizers, the sound of space age lasers and an irresistible beat decorate the duo’s (Silas Moldenhawer and Jonas Kenton) latest track, “Peace.” Director Jenna Mangulad was inspired by old black and white horror movies in the making of the music video for “Peace” and while KSD admits it’s their most “popish” track to date, it’s been a long time in the making and still captures the essence of what KSD is.


You can catch the guys touring this summer and purchase “Peace” here:

Sat. June 18 – Queens, NY @ MoMA PS1
Wed. July – Alicati, TY (w/ Bob Moses)
Mon. Aug. 29 – Boston, MA @ House of Blues (w/ Flume) SOLD OUT
Tue. Aug. 30 – Boston, MA @ House of Blues (w/ Flume) SOLD OUT
Wed. Aug. 31 – Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory (w/ Flume) SOLD OUT
Fri. Sept. 4 – Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club (w/ Flume) SOLD OUT
Sun. Sept. 4 – Charlottesville, VA @ Sprint Pavilion (w/ Flume)
Tue. Sept. 6 – Atlanta, GA @ The Tabernacle (w/ Flume) SOLD OUT
Wed. Sept. 7 – Atlanta, GA @ The Tabernacle (w/ Flume) SOLD OUT
Fri. Sept. 9 – Isle of Wight, UK @ Bestival

New track from Kenton Slash Demon: “Dok”

  • It’s about time KSD tickled our ears with something new. Just last year they released the critically acclaimed 12″ Harpe/Syko. This March 11th, the Danish duo will be sharing another 12″ EP titled TT/Dok. In order to wet our appetite, they’ve shared with us “Dok”, the final cut on the EP.

This glistening 6 minute sonic experience goes well with a decent pair of headphones as Silas Moldenhawer and Jonas Kenton don’t mess around when creating music. Every moment is bright and energetic but not over the top. Your body can’t decide if it wants to get up and dance or just lay with eyes closed, feet and head bobbing hypnotically in time.



KSD will be touring in 2016 to spread the word about TT/Dok after touring to support Flume (don’t get your hopes up as the shows with Flume are sold out). BUT, you can catch them March 23rd at the Culture Box in Copenhagen. Tickets here soon.

Round’s Slow Response Remix of “Syko” by the wonderful KSD

Kenton Slash Demon has become a favorite here at Music For Lunch. They’re energetic, innovative and eccentric electronic music keeps things fresh. KSD released their 12″ Harpe/Syko not too long ago which came fully equipped everything we love about KDS, a music video for “Harpe” and a US tour which is going on right now.

A few days ago Round of John Talabot’s Hivern Discs label released a remix of the track “Syko.” It’s a more melancholic stretched out version of the original track. If you were to listen to KSD’s version of “Syko” under water, it might sound like this. Check it out:

Thu. Nov. 5 – Miami, FL @ Bardot
Sun. Nov. 15 – Sydney, AU @ MCA Sculpture Terrace
Thu. Nov. 19 – Melbourne, AU @ Melbourne Music Week 2015
Thu. Jan. 14 – Groningen, NL @ EuroSonic 2016
Wed. Mar. 2-Sat. Mar. 5 – Oslo, NO @ by:Larm 2016

KSD = Kenton Slash Demon…Video of “Syko” Live

I instantly was fascinated by KSD. There is a subtle but absolutely undeniable energy in their music. It is not the kind of energy that stares you in the face and slaps you around against your will. This is the kind of creative energy that coaxes you in and let’s your body and mind do as they please.

US tour dates are below for their recently release AA-side 12″ “Harpe/Syko.” Check back later for European tour dates:

Thu. Oct. 22 – San Francisco, CA @ 1015 Folsom
Fri. Oct. 23 – Los Angeles, CA @ Belasco Theater
Sat. Oct. 24 – Brooklyn, NY @ Good Room
Thu. Nov. 5 – Miami, FL @ Bardot

Another supercharged track from Kenton Slash Demon: “Syko”

KSD is getting closer to the release of their upcoming 12″ Harpe/Syko and lucky for us, has released the second track on their 12″ “Syko” for our listening pleasure:

You can now stream both tracks and enjoy the visual representation of “Harpe” via their dance-inspring music video directed by Jenna Mangulad. Check out the post from last week about it here.

Vinyl release of the 12″ is tomorrow, September 11th and a week later, September 18th, they’ll release the digital copy.

Let loose: New music video from Kenton Slash Demon for “Harpe”

Just watch this, please:

This is the ultimate visual display of how this song makes you feel: celebration, carelessness, individuality. Each character in this video succumbs to the purely infectious joy of the young man at the beginning. This video capitalizes on one of the things I love most about people: their ability to put a smile on your face, or get you to dance when you don’t think you can. This world isn’t so bad after all, eh?!

Kenton Slash Demon is Silas Moldenhawer and Jonas Kenton, who grew up together in Copenhagen. Their Harpe/Syko 12” will be out on September 18th on the label Future Classic.

Kenton Slash Demon presents, the perfect weekend track: “Harpe”

It’s clear from the first 30 seconds of this song that it’s going to be a trip. “Harpe” harnesses that weekend excitement that sits in your chest from hump day through Friday at 5pm. Listen:

Kenton Slash Demon is Silas Moldenhawer and Jonas Kenton who grew up together in Copenhagen and were also founders of a favorite of mine, When Saints Go Machine. Their newest project, Kenton Slash Demon, was just signed to the Australian label, Future Classic. They’ll be touring in the US this fall after a set of shows in Denmark. Denmark tour dates are listed below but stay tuned for more!

Fri. Aug. 21 – Bornholm, DK @ Wonderfestiwall
Sat. Aug. 21 – Bredsted, DK @ Plugout Festival
Sat. Aug. 28 – Aalborg, DK @ OFF Festival
Sun. Aug. 29 – Århus, DK @ Café Paradis

Featured Image Credit: Lasse Dearman