Island Apollo

Playlist: Summer Never Ends

It’s that time of year where town starts to buzz again. The students are rolling back in and it reminds me of the feeling I used to get when this time of year would hit, wishing that summer would never end. Here are some tunes to help you enjoy the remainder of your summer to its fullest capacity.

FYI, I’m trying something new. Below is a SoundCould playlist AND a Spotify playlist. I’m concerned for the future of SoundCloud so Spotify may be taking over on MFL for playlists. However, some musicians that connect with me do not have their music on Spotify thus, the playlists differ slightly in musical content. That being said, neither SoundCloud or Spotify should replace your support for musicians. Please GO to shows, BUY records, BUY T-shirts and tell them you love what they do. Enjoy:





Playlist: Spring in Full Swing

Not sure I even remember how to do this “blog-posting” thing! Been breaking my heart to not have time to share music. Here I lay before you, some wonderful music that has eagerly been waiting the attention of your ears since March.

Two tunes from California-based indie rockers, Island Apollo

Before I go on, indulge in the infectious track, “Miracle”:

Island Apollo had quite the musical history before they decided to go for it on their own. This group began their musical career together as teens in Irvine, California. After several years of experiences including opening for Capital Cities and Third Eye Blind and many features on television and radio, Island Apollo is poised to take over the world with their fine-tuned power pop. Lead vocalist and guitarist, Ryan Kilpatrick says about finding success as a band:

“I think if you want to find success as a band, you can blend in with a genre that is on the rise and have a nice record deal, followers, and radio play for a few years. But if you want to have a career, and real fans, you need to create something that is new. The bands I respect the most, and seem to have survived, are those that have created a sound that was different than the bulk of the music being produced at that time.”

Inspired by bands like Queen, The Killers, The Beach Boys and many others, everyone is guaranteed to find something in their music that’s right for them. Check out their other single, “Lion Eyes” featuring Spencer Ludwig of Capital Cities on trumpet:

For more about Island Apollo, check out their official website and Facebook page! You can buy their self-titled EP on iTunes as well!