Summer Playlist

I had full intention of releasing two fabulous playlists this summer that encompassed all the music that I received. The summer escaped me so instead, you get ONE LUSCIOUS, VIVACIOUS, DELICIOUS playlist, a whopping 3.5 hours long. I hope all you MFL-ers out there had a wonderful summer.




Below find a fresh YouTube AND Soundcloud playlist! Each holds some insanely delightful tracks that have been released over the past two months. Please enjoy not in moderation:

Gorgeous track from Howard: “Plastic”

“Plastic” and much of the music released by Howard lately is unlike the first track I heard, “Falling.” While “Falling” could still be classified as ‘electronic’, it reaches into the realm of folk as well. “Plastic” on the other hand is a purely instrumental track but you don’t miss the vocals, the instruments do all the singing.



“Plastic” is off of Howard’s upcoming EP, Please Recycle, which features five tracks derived from/inspired by the group’s debut full length, Religion. The premise of the EP is not only to promote the obvious but to also encourage the repurposing of sound, as they have done with Religion and Please Recycle. The EP is due out March 25th and the band just wrapped up their North American tour. Stay tuned for more dates and musical releases!