Hales Corner


Dig in, folks! The suns shining and so is this music!


YouTube Playlist: Sites and Sounds of Fall Volume II

It’s a big one! 29 tracks/videos waiting for your eyes and ears. Enjoy these tunes as the we shift from fall to winter:

Debut album from Indiana band, Hales Corner: “Garden View”

Hales Corner is the collaborative work of Wesley Cook and Caleb Adams, two fellows based out of Bloomington, IN. What began as two separate and individual projects became something beautiful, something unified: Hales Corner. These two with the help of Ben Craig and Ryan Boyce have created what they call sunshine rock. They’re bright sensibility and positive demeanor make for easy going alternative rock that is perfect for a sunny day. The band is releasing their debut full length in only two days time. The record, Garden View, is due out on May 17th and will be available on Bandcamp and iTunes.

Check out the title track: