Going home

It slipped through the cracks

This film slipped through the cracks some how but was brought to my attention recently. I seriously can’t get Iceland off of my mind and seem to be trying to find anyway possible to incorporate their music into my everyday life. I’m sure many of you out there have heard of Sigur Rós but they are a truly unique group of individuals who create music that borders experimental, dark, moving, bright, sky-bound, and fantastical in sound. Cheers to their talent and devotion to their fans. I highly recommend watching their film, ‘Heima’ and revisiting their music. They just released their most recent album, Kveikur, June of 2013 by the way.

Marc Maron and Ty Segall held my hand on the foggy drive home

I was driving home to Missoula from Bozeman today and I had loaded a few Podcasts on my 2008 Nano, including an interview with up and coming (? I think he’s already up and came. That sounds odd, but I’m going to leave it) psychedelic-rock child, Ty Segall, on Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast. I go back and forth about how much I enjoy Maron’s WTF Podcast…At first their was too much of the F-word but it’s actually grown on me. The show, not the F-word. Anyway, the drive was not the greatest (fog so thick you couldn’t see 20 feet in front of you) but Ty Segall and Marc Maron’s voices kept me calm and collected. “Ty Segall, holy F***,” in the words of Marc Maron, has dropped 5 albums and he was born in 1987. He’s an insanely talented CA-born fellow (Orange County to be exact) who digs surfing, at the time of the interview didn’t have a car right now because his van broke down, and admits to an experience in his younger days in which he broke his arm skateboarding while on mushrooms. This was the song he played on the WTF Podcast episode. Click on the picture Marc Maron and Ty Segall to check out the full episode.