Playlist: Spring and Summer Sounds Vol II

Here it is! Volume II – 30 songs deep and over 2 hours long. Hopefully you find something in there you like.


New single from Alek Fin: “Golden, Blinding” Featuring Galun

Alek Fin is the musical namesake of the incredibly innovative and creative electronic musician, Adam Finkel. Not long ago, I posted about the first single he released,  “Án Mynda.” This newest track, “Golden, Blinding” is equally as ingenious. It starts with a dark and brooding sound that maintains a steady wave that just rolls over you, pulling you under and not releasing until the very last beat.

“Golden, Blinding” was a collaboration with Moscow-born electronic musician, Galun who frequently works with Alek Fin. “Golden, Blinding” will be featured on Alek Fin’s upcoming EP, An Mynda, which is due out October 9th.