Gabriel Ananda


A) I didn’t expect to find this stunning piece of music on a techno DJ’s Soundcloud  (Gabriel Ananda – his “Soulful Techno” mixes are quite nice actually and I have to thank Spire Climbing Center for streaming his sets today at the gym!)…as I don’t preferentially listen to techno. Don’t get me wrong, I like some of it but I suppose I haven’t spent enough time digging through it to know what kinds of techno may be “my” kinds.

B) Aphex Twin’s music usually scares me. However, this piano piece off of music left me breathless. I think it was a combination of the fact that I was stunned that it was Aphex Twin creating this lulling, melancholy piece and that the piece itself is so beautiful.

This song is off of Aphex Twin’s newest album, released last year, ‘Syro.’ As I said above, most of Aphex Twin’s music frightens me. It’s very unsettling but this piece did exactly the opposite and was just what I needed today.