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Special Feature: Episode 292 of The Justin Wayne Show

I had the absolute pleasure of sharing some of my favorite music on The Justin Wayne Show this past Monday, June 29th. The show streams live online every Monday from 1-3pm Mountain Standard Time and is available in Podcast form by the Wednesday after. The Justin Wayne Show is the ultimate supporter of independent musicians and is run by Justin Wayne in Bozeman, MT and Claire Rozario in London who sift through tons of artists’ submissions every week. It’s “music’s independent spirit.”

Not only did I get to share some of my current favorite music, I also developed a taste for many of the artists they shared on the show that day!

The link below will take you to the entire episode:


Digging through the collection

After waking up at 11am this morning to a mimosa, The War on Drugs’ new album, ‘Lost in a Dream’, on vinyl at my New Year’s Eve co-pilots’ house AND after an evening of “VJ-ing” (video jockey-ing on youtube) AND wonderful music-oriented conversations, I decided it would be a good idea to dig out ALL of the records I’ve purchased at live shows here in Bozeman. It was an excellent reflection on how wonderful the music scene here really is. And, I think it is only going to get better. If you don’t think any good music comes to our lovely little town, think again! So far I’ve made it through listening to ‘Can’t Talk Medicine’ by Seattle-based group, Pickwick, a 2-song little guy by Florida boys, Roadkill Ghost Choir, ‘In Evening Air’ by the incredible, Baltimore-based group, Future Islands and just now started the Southern gentleman, Futurebirds’ album, ‘Baba Yaga.’ I picked a favorite track from each of the above albums. And, here is the full list of records from all the artists’ whose albums (on vinyl) I’ve purchased at shows in Bozeman (So, there are even more artists who have been here whose vinyl I don’t have yet):

Pickwick, Roadkill Ghost Choir, Future Islands, Futurebirds, Body Language, Blitzen Trapper, The Stone Foxes, Sea Wolf, Horse Feathers, Rubblebucket, Ages and Ages, Okkervil River, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Lonesome Shack, Matthew E. White, and EDJ (Eric D. Johnson).

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What are your top 3 favorite albums of 2014?

This is hands down, my favorite time of year. Not only is it Christmas time, it’s the time where all of my favorite music blogs and sources pick their top albums of the past year. I look forward to the month of December because of this! All Songs Considered, Sound Opinions and the Hype Machine all have wonderful ways for their fans to explore their top picks for the year. I usually fall in love with several albums by artists I’ve never heard of, or become aware of albums I missed. I highly recommend checking out what they have to say.

The Hype Machines gets more and more creative each year. This year, they suggest and album for every moment of the year! For example, “Long bike rides through the city when you’re really stoned and it’s kind of chilly outside and the sun is coming down” was Sea Oleena’s 2014 album, ‘Shallow.’

My top 3 favorites are:

‘Heal’ by Strand of Oaks

‘Singles’ by Future Islands

‘Divisionary’ by Ages and Ages

Tell me your top 3!