Playlist: Spring and Summer Sounds Vol II

Here it is! Volume II – 30 songs deep and over 2 hours long. Hopefully you find something in there you like.


“People’s Champ” from LA’s cinematic indie rock/shoegaze group, Forebear

Forebear is Scott Goldbaum on vocals, Mike Musselman on Drums, Molly Rogers on Viola/Vocals/Keys, and Nick Chamian on Bass/Vocals. The four found each other in the throws of LA’s wildly talent-packed music scene only last year. Their current and most recently released EP, Cody, was expertly produced by Scott Gordon who has worked with the likes of Alanis Morissete and Ring Starr.

“People’s Champ” is a track about losing love.

Is my imagination a fire that warms or destroys

In in your evaluation make sure to note, I’ll miss you when you go.

It builds gently, reverberating between your ears with warped strings…and then pure and perfect, the viola kicks in. Listen for yourself:

It’s a short bite of a song. I only wish it were a bit longer. Learn more about Forebear on the official website or Facebook page.