Figs Vision

Playlist: Spring and Summer Sounds


Forgive me for such a delay in playlist-making. Here is a small bite of what’s been hiding in my inbox for the last few months.

Figs Vision reworks a Tina Turner classic: “What’s Love Got to Do With It?”

This song needs to preface. Just prepare your ears for pure joy as Figs Vision twists, contorts and melds a Tina Turner classic into quirky pop single.

The LA musical project known as Figs Vision was the original brain child of long time friends, Jordan Spoliansky and Gunner Sixx, but is now made up of the Jordan Spoliansky (Vocals/Guitar), Gunner Sixx (Keys/ Synth), Zackary Darling (Bass/ Sequencer), Mike Musselman (Drums) and Mario Cerutti (Percussion). The project was inspired by a wild childhood story involving dirt bikes, a cave-dweller and two 14 year old boys.

You can find Figs Vision at Troubadour in LA on April 30th.