Erik Fhager

Debut EP from Stockholm singer-songwriter, Erik Fhager NOW!

I discovered Erik Fhager while poking around on Soundcloud. I stumbled upon this track:

I was instantly attracted to the gentle power and driving, marching percussion that serves as the backdrop for Erik Fhager’s soft but pitch perfect voice in “Every Oscar in the World.”

Erik Fhager is a solo singer-songwriter/guitarist based out of Stockholm, Sweden who has been collaborating with some of Sweden’s finest including Agnes and LÈON. Today, Erik Fhager released his debut EP titled Premiere. You can find the new EP on iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud! With a hint of blues and folk, Erik Fhager’s thoughtful songwriting is sure to capture a large audience. About his songwriting, Fhager says:

“It was first when I met the producer Zebastian Swartz that I found a clear vision of the retro sound that we captured in these songs. In the music we constantly sought contrast; a never-ending swing between the joy and resigned brokenness of life.”