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A free flowing thought and a video from Miss Velvet

I sent Miss Velvet a series of questions and she answered them so simply and beautifully, in what she called “a free flowing thought.” Additionally, she sent a video. Before I say more, watch the video. Okay, I’ll say one more thing, she prefaced this video with the statement:

For me Miss Velvet lives in a whimsical universe, one that’s raw and somewhere between dream and nightmares.

With a name  like Miss Velvet, she earns her own trailer and, to say the least, it leaves you wanting, needing more. In the interview I emailed her, I asked her about her experience with Nick Littlemore of Empire of the Sun and Pnau. I also asked her about her past and where she saw herself in the future. She addressed all of my questions with a few short paragraphs. Read them below:

I met Nick Littlemore (Empire of the Sun / Pnau) on one of his trips to NYC. One afternoon we got together and talked about the idea of writing just one or two songs together. An hour later he and I decided that he would produce my first full length album. We were both beyond excited. 

I told him I wanted to write an album that told a story from lyric to lyric and phrase to phrase – a whole body of work that would capture a specific time in my life, a time when – as a girl – I didn’t understand loss and grieving and the powerful illusions of men and New York City. 
What I didn’t realize at the time was that this body of work would teach me and guide me into a whole new chapter of my current life. Creating this character, Miss Velvet, has allowed me to freely examine myself and explore everything about that time in my life that I had shut away. It felt as though with Miss Velvet’s persona, I could re-live this exploration, yet I could still come up for air. 
Check out her track “I Will Stand By” below:
For more on Miss Velvet visit her Facebook page, Soundcloud or official website.

Thank you Miss Velvet for taking the time to think about my questions and for sending an eloquent response.

Photo Credit from left to right: Colin Giberson, Luisa Opalesky (2). Featured image: Travis Spier

Turkey and Stuffing for your ears

I packed this week’s playlist with all kinds of different tracks to hopefully satiate your musical cravings! Happy Thanksgiving!