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Cuddle inside away from the cold and feast your ears and eyes on this:


Another treat from Emmi, her newest single, “Sleep On It”

Emmi, another highly featured artist of Music For Lunch, just released another single in addition to her first single, “My Kinda Swag.” Her new track is called “Sleep On It” and staying true to Emmi’s style, she takes advantage of her powerful and commanding voice, wrapping it in pop-oriented beats. Listen below:

A couple months back, I got to ask Emmi some questions about her life prior to the realization that music was what she wanted to pursue. Read up here! Her wildly diverse set of career paths have given her the experiences and motivation necessary to be the incredible artist she is today. I think everyone is looking forward to more of Emmi.

Traveling, touring, acting, dancing…living: a chat with Emmi.

Just recently I posted about the up and coming artist Emmi. Click here to check it out before you move on or at least have her track playing in the background while you read her thoughtful answers to my questions. I asked Emmi about the many places she’s lived, careers she’s dabbled in and what we have to look forward to from her in terms of music. Read below:

MFL: Where did the spark and the passion for music come from for you?

E: I fell in love with classical music when I was about 6. I would hear the music and see the story unfolding in my head and escape into it. It was magical to me. As I grew older, I discovered jazz, then the Beach Boys, and then (shock horror) pop! I’m constantly amazed at the power of music to change and move us. I’ve always wanted to be a part of that in some way.

MFL: You mention in your bio that you trained as a dancer, an actress, got into medical school among many other activities with some overlap or none at all. How long was this period of time of your life that you were changing career paths and what do you remember from this part of your life the most?

E: That lasted around 4 years from when I finished school at 16. I left home and a perfectly good degree to chase a passion. I was away from my family with very few friends getting nowhere, but I remember having this almighty drive that somehow stopped me getting on a plane home when things became unbearable. All at once, I went from working at a hardware house barely able to get an audition, to having my face on a poster and a veritable family of 40 cast members. I learned to never get comfortable with either situation, and be grateful for any day I found myself being paid to do what I loved. I also learned that through all the chopping and changing, my passion to tell a good story was the thread. I was just skinning the proverbial cat in different ways!

MFL: Of all of the places you’ve lived in your life, where has felt the most like a “home” to you?

E: My folks taught us kids that home is where ever you make it, and wherever the people you love are. So while I’ve always been good at feeling at home wherever I go (London, USA, Oz, Berlin) home is definitely my parent’s house in Western Australia. I go back whenever I can.

MFL: How do you feel now that you have your first single out and what is next?

E: It feels amazing! The relief of finally setting a song free after keeping my music secret for so long is intense. (I know why they call it a “release” now!) Next up, is the video for My Kinda Swag, which will be premiering any moment now. Plans are also underway for songs 2 and 3, so hopefully I will be able to set more of my babies free soon.

MFL: When you sit down, dance, drive, you name it, to listen to music for inspiration, what kind of music is it?

E: All kinds! As long as it’s good. Nina Simone’s “Misunderstood” is a go-to anthem of mine. I’ll listen to Eminem, Carole King, Dusty Springfield, Tracy Chapman, Vivaldi. Sometimes I’ll even watch a routine from an old Hollywood musical like a Gene Kelly tap or a Fred and Ginger number. I am inspired by anything done really well. It reminds me there are no limits.

MFL: How much performing have you gotten to do either for your current musical project, past musical projects and as a dancer and what are some of the most memorable experiences? 

E: I have a performed all my life in one way or other so I have had a great deal of experience in front of crowds. Sometimes crowds of 5. Sometimes 5000. I did an international tour of A Fiddler on the Roof with Chaim Topol (from the movie). I played his daughter ‘Chava’. It was an incredibly moving story to be a part of. The humour and sadness of the script is so timeless. That tour has a special place in my memory.

Thank you, Emmi for sharing bites of your life with Music For Lunch. Congratulations on finding your true passion!

For more about Emmi, check out her website, Facebook and Soundcloud.

Easing into Friday with “My Kinda Swag” by Emmi

Emmi is originally (and by originally, based on her brief auto-bio, I mean she bounced around and settled in Perth) from Perth, Australia but is now based out of London but is managed by LA group, Redlight. She admits to “secretly” writing music for quite some time but now she’s finally (lucky for us) sharing her music with the rest of us. Her quick autobiography on her website rapidly swirls you through her up, down, right, left life. She dabbled in dance, medicine, and acting until it dawned on her that music was her “mouthpiece and her legacy.”

Her first single, “My Kinda Swag”, is a perfect kick off to the weekend: