Duckwrth + The Kickdrums = Nowhere

“Your candy sugar coated wrath, f##ckin’ psychopath.” If this offends you, don’t read or listen on BUT, even if you don’t like bad words maybe you can ignore them enjoy how deliciously perfect the songwriting and sound making in this song is. The music video captures the confusing, push and pull that happens in the human mind when relationships get to a place that’s beyond comprehension. It was shot in New York City by director, Nick Snow and features Jared Lee of Duckwrth and Alex Fitts of The Kickdrums, sauntering through the park with a microphone and a bass guitar.The f##ckin’ psychopath is played by R&B singer, Ryli.

I already knew I fancied The Kickdrums, Mr. Alex Fitts (the man behind The Kickdrums) and I had a lovely conversation on the telephone a few months ago. Duckwrth however had yet to cross my path. Duckwrth (Jared Lee) has been rapping and making music since 2012 and is now collaborating with The Kickdrums on the Nowhere project. He’s also raising money via a Kickstarter to support his upcoming tour with RDGLDGRN. Touring isn’t free and if you want to help put gas in Duckwrth’s car among other expenses, you can support him here! 

Get the entire Nowhere collaboration record on iTunes.