dream pop

A delicate piece from Another Juggle: “Shield”

“Shield” was actually born quite some time ago, back when Danish dream-poppers, Another Juggle, were working on their previous album. However, the band being the musical perfectionists they are, found patience with the track and decided that they needed to spend more time with it since unlike their other tracks, it was written in 6/8 time. Band member, Thomas Haar, told me this about how the track came to be one of the first nights in their new recording studio:

“I brought a cheesy vintage piano with me which I had just picked up (I have a habit of collecting old keyboards and synths). To begin with we used its rhythm box as a starting point for the song which helped the 6/8 to make sense without being cheesy.”


And what they created is anything but cheesy. This track is oozing with everything soothing that I love about Another Juggle: delicious melody, beautiful lyrics, perfect musical layering, and an overall dizzy-ingly dreamy track. “Shield” is the latest single off of Another Juggle’s upcoming record. Check it out and keep up with Another Juggle via their Facebook and Soundcloud pages.




Sounds from Richmond, VA’s My Darling Fury

My Darling Fury is an elegant and unique alternative dream pop trio composed of Todd Matthews (bassist and sound engineer), Joel Hollister (percussion) and Danny Reyes (frontman). The inspiration for their sound and lyrics comes from the “unpredictability of life and love”, which seeps out of their music. I can say I’ve never heard anything quite like My Darling Fury. The diverse musical backgrounds of the trio creates a thick and layered style that incorporates rhythmic sounds from Cuban-American Danny Reyes’ cultural music and a contemporary edge derived from the band members natural creativity.

“Satisfied” is an absolutely memorizing track. Reyes’ fluttering and velvety voice laid upon saxophone, interesting percussion and hypnotic circular guitar rhythms makes “Satisfied” the kind of track listeners will come back to time and time again. I’ve already listened to it 8 times in one sitting.


Stay tuned for more from My Darling Fury as they’ll be releasing a new record titled, A/O/K, this winter. You can find their debut record, Licking Wounds, on iTunes and keep up with them on their website.