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Debut tracks from Manchester rockers, Lyerr Band

Lyerr Band is a high energy punk rock band based out of Manchester composed of Ryan Johnson (Vocals/Guitar), Samuel Greene (Guitar), Rory Magner (Bass),  and James Kershaw (Drums). The fellows began Lyerr Band back in 2015 and already have two amped up rock tracks out there for our listening pleasure AND recently played a show at the Night & Day Cafe in Manchester.

“N.Y.C.” and “Miss Bright Ideas” are the two tracks floating around out there in the ether of the internet and were produced by Seadna McPhail at Airtight Studios in Manchester.”Miss Bright Ideas” has insanely catchy hooks with a guitar line that will inhabit your brain for the rest of the day. “N.Y.C.” is equally as infectious. Check them out: