debut single

Debut single from soulful singer/songwriter, Ethan Burns: “Homeward”

25 year old LA-based singer/songwriter, Ethan Burns has made a profound entrance to the music scene with his debut single, “Homeward.” Burns’ voice is captivating, mesmerizing and oh so rich; melts me into a puddle on the floor. I hear hints of inspiration from the likes of Leon Bridges, Dan Auerbach and Van Morrsion. With retro soul-inspired sound, Burns’ passion is undeniable in “Homeward” and I can hardly wait to see what he delivers next. Check it out:

Debut single from 80’s new wavers, Vacances: “Runaway”

Buckle up for an 80’s channeled, synth heavy, drum pumping, guitar-driven ride to the dance floor.

In three short minutes, up and coming 80’s new wave band based out of Brooklyn, Vacances, picks you up, shakes you around, forces you to dance and then spits you out. It’s a seriously satisfying feeling. The track has everything you crave from the 80’s, pumping percussion, a steady stream of synths and ridiculously catchy melodies that make you want to put your hair in a high pony tail and whip it around in addition to a fresh take on current pop-rock.

Vacances is an amalgamation of musicians from other musical projects: Danny (Vocals, previously of The Frail), Nic (guitar, previously of Restless Hearts), Dan (Bass), and Allen( additional instruments, previously of Every Move A Picture). Check back later for tour dates because as the end of June approaches, the boys will be hittin’ the dusty trail!

Debut single from Copenhagen duo, THANKS: “Dizzy”

This is one of those tracks that is truly impossible to sit still to. I don’t care how poor of a dancer you think you are or how difficult it is for you to keep time, “Dizzy” doesn’t care. “Dizzy” is the first track from the Copenhagen duo known as THANKS who also have another project called Alphabeat. As their first track for THANKS, they decided to create the final product in a way that couldn’t be any further from old fashion.To create “Dizzy” they set up four studios and gave different teams of people 2 hours ONLY in the studio to come up with something, anything for the track. In the end, they created a musical mashup of all of the ideas. The product = a dizzying-disco-dance treat. Check it out:


Stay tuned for more ridiculously catchy treats from THANKS!


Debut single from LA’s VARA: “Break Down the Walls”

VARA is a producer/musician based out of LA who’s stamp on the electronic scene began with two remixes landing him a spot on Dance Club Songs Chart’s top five (Demi Lovato, ZZ Ward). “Break Down the Walls” is VARA’s powerful introduction to the world of electronic music as a solo artist. It’s a massive and potent electronic track which encapsulates the title perfectly.

Toronto psychedelic R&B artist, Ursa Major releases debut single: “Dusk”

Ursa Major is the project of a 19 year old based out of Toronto who has worked to fuse psychedelic rock wit R&B and explored the frontier of music that lies between “the sounds of the past and the production of the future.”

Ursa Major’s music has been created, composed and cut in dorm rooms, basements and bedrooms and was produced and engineered by Montreal’s Cavewerk and Noah Barer.

“Dusk” is a dark, muddy and seductive track that straddles the fence between R&B and electronic music. It incorporates sounds both strange and familiar, the perfect balance for fans of the quickly evolving musical world of R&B.


Debut single, “Silver”, from Utah Valley quartet, RKDN

Utah Valley alt-pop group, RKDN is well on their way to making ridiculously catchy dance-able pop music. Check out their debut single, “Silver”:

RKDN’s undeniably infectious sound, driving melodies and killer hooks are already gaining attention. In fact, they’ll be sharing the stage with Bastille and another Utah-grown artist, Brogan Kelby on December 7th at The Complex in Salt Lake City.