Stellar record from Animalia: “(Dissonance)”

Animalia is the name experimental electronic songstress, Jill Krasnicki gives the living, breathing being that is her music. Krasnicki is based out of Toronto currently but grew up in Tasmania, where she developed a passion for music via the bass guitar. In 2012 she took on the musical journey, Animalia. From this idea was born dark and beautiful electronica that is likened to that of the aura of the one and only Björk. In mid April, Animalia released (Dissonance), a gorgeous collection of tracks both brooding and bright, dark and dissonant, confining and explosive.

Unafraid to be unique, beautiful and powerful, Animalia creates music that can conjure up a whole host of emotions. The haunting single, “Paradise”, is a prime example:


You can purchase (Dissonance) now on iTunes.

It slipped through the cracks

This film slipped through the cracks some how but was brought to my attention recently. I seriously can’t get Iceland off of my mind and seem to be trying to find anyway possible to incorporate their music into my everyday life. I’m sure many of you out there have heard of Sigur Rós but they are a truly unique group of individuals who create music that borders experimental, dark, moving, bright, sky-bound, and fantastical in sound. Cheers to their talent and devotion to their fans. I highly recommend watching their film, ‘Heima’ and revisiting their music. They just released their most recent album, Kveikur, June of 2013 by the way.

A little “Nintendo Blood” goes a long way

I was on a record-buying spree at Cactus Records here in Bozeman a couple months ago and my friend who works here beckoned me over to the counter to show me something “he thought I’d be into.” I was. It was mini-lighter holder/USB drive with Julian Casablancas and the Voidz new album, ‘Tyranny’, on it. I bought it. I don’t have a lot of use for lighters besides lighting the grill or some candles but if I get myself a mini-lighter, it’s going in that case! Anyway, this album is somethin’ else. Certainly NOTHING anything like Casablancas other work with The Strokes. This album is rough, dirty, contorted, dissonant in sound, and grimey. I posted “Human Sadness” in a playlist a few months ago but “Nintendo Blood” is my other favorite track. It starts out almost 80’s jazz, mixed with Casablanca’s lazy vocals and then it all falls into place at about 45 seconds. It quickly returns to where it started, however. This back and forth continues throughout this song and almost defines this album. I like it.