Cold Beat

YouTube Playlist: Spring Kinda Sprung

Whether you’ve had a spring full of sun, snow, rain, clouds, you name it…here is some music (some with accompanying visuals) to deal with whatever kind of interesting spring weather you’ve had!




YouTube Playlist: Sites and Sounds of Spring 2017

Please enjoy the sounds and visuals of some fantastic music that has been hiding in my email awaiting your eager ears!


STREAMING NOW: Cold Beat’s upcoming record, “Into the Air”

In two days, Cold Beat will be releasing their sophomore record, Into the Air, on Crime on the Moon. Until then, you can give it a taste! Stream here:

Cold Beat is Hannah Lew and musical friends’ triumphant creative project. Less than a year ago, Cold Beat released their debut record, Over Me. Since then, they’ve massively expanded their songwriting and construction abilities. The time I’ve spent with this record has shown me that it’s a truly diverse collection of tracks. You think you have Cold Beat’s style pinned for shoegazey-garage rock then they come in with more electronic pieces like “Clouds” and “Spirals.”

If you like what you hear and can’t wait to throw down some $ on their music, pre-order it on iTunes here!

New single from San Fran group, Cold Beat and tour dates!

Cold Beat is schedule to release their second record, Up In the Air, on the label, Crime on the Moon this September 4th! Three weeks from today! This project blurs the lines between synth-pop, shoe-gaze, and indie rock. I’ll go into more detail about the record in its entirety when I put out an album review. All I can say is their newest single, “Spirals”, is my favorite track on the record. Those synthesizers. Hannah Lew, the bassist and singer/songwriter for the group said about “Spirals”:

“Spirals” feels like one of the more honest songs I’ve written. It’s a song describing an emotional state of surrender. I really allowed myself to be vulnerable and express some feelings I might not have had access to in a normal band setting. It’s more intimate. Stepping away from guitars and leaning more towards electronic instruments seems like a natural evolution for the band right now.

September tour dates below:

Fri. Sept. 18 – Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool
Sat. Sept. 19 – Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium
Sun. Sept. 20 – New York, NY @ Other Music (7PM)
Sun. Sept. 20 – Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn