On Top of It

This week’s playlist is one day late but includes 10 songs for last week and 10 for this week…I’m on top of it! I may or may not be in “playlist-making service” this weekend so I thought I’d get a bigger playlist out there. I’m psyched about this one. Excellent opening and closing tracks with a killer filling.

Another prime single from CLAVVS: “Sit You Down”

Earlier this summer I went through a minor obsession with the track “Shut Up” by ATL, Georgia power duo, CLAVVS. I got on the CLAVVS train a bit late but at least I didn’t miss it. They’re high up on my radar now and boy do they love their fans, so if you dig what they do, let them know. I’ve been bumping the EP CD they sent me in thanks for my support on Music For Lunch in my car since the day I got it in the mail from them.

OK, there is a real reason why I’m posting about CLAVVS besides the fact that I just like their music. They dropped a new single recently and it’s equally as delicious as “Shut Up.” Lead vocalist Amber Renee’s velvet voice and hypnotic lyrics slide effortlessy over producer and sound engineer Graham Marsh’s flawless beats. Listen: