Beach House

Out on my own…

This record has quite the story…’The Space Project’ was released on National Record Store Day last year (April 19th to be exact). I had been anticipating this record for months. The second I heard about the collaboration between the Voyager satellites and some truly incredible and creative musicians, I couldn’t think of anything more unique. A copy of this record was hard to come by but goodness was it worth it. A dear friend of mine in town knew how much this record meant to me and he did all in his power to be sure I had a copy, which, I was not expecting. It made Record Store Day all the more beautiful.

So what was this collaboration? It started with Matt Halverson of Lefse Records in Portland and Sean Anklam who works for a company called ‘Exogenesis.’ Anklam knew of a collection of recordings collected by the Voyagers I and II; these recordings were the inspiration for every track on ‘The Space Project.’

Some of the tracks are quite strange…unearthly, I’d say and some of them are very tangible and familiar to our terrestrial ears. Either way, this was the first track I heard off of the album. It popped on my dear dear iPod this morn first thing and gently coaxed me into this long Thursday.

I can only really pull out a few lines of the lyrics for certainty but it’s clear others are struggling with what is really going on in this song:

“Why giggle manners”…really? Hmmm…we’ll have to ask Beach House about that one.

“White snakes play summers for that gunpowder”

Yeah…not sure about that either! What I do know is that they are saying:

“I just don’t matter. On my own.” What a beautiful, space-filled, mind occupying lyric that elegantly describes space. And, does anyone else think some of the organ sounds like ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind”?

You know you all remember that.

Aren’t We All?

I feel like we all have our “troublemaker” moments throughout life. I have learned from my personal experiences that whenever I try to get away with something that may fall in the “troublemaker” category, I get caught. Just like the lyrics of Beach House’s song “Troublemaker”: “Someday out of the blue, it will find you…” so, I just try to avoid those scenarios altogether so whatever trouble is lurking out there, doesn’t find me.

This track is one of my absolute favorites off of Beach House’s fourth full length album, ‘Bloom.’ It was beautiful day when this album was released back in 2012. Beach House consists of Baltimore-native Alex Scally and Paris-born Victoria Legrand. They released their first self-title album back in 2006 and since then, have been known for their lush and dreamy sound. Their songs have a dark quality to them but not the kind of dark you would be afraid of. It’s the kind of dark that’s mysterious, full of secrets and draws you in. I can’t say enough good things about this band so if you like this song at all, I highly recommend looking into their other albums. My favorite part of their “About” section on Facebook is this: Under the “Artists We Like Category” it says: “So so so many. Please don’t ever stop searching out great music, both new and old. And don’t listen to what other people say.” I couldn’t agree with this more.

Stay out of trouble, listeners.

Turkey and Stuffing for your ears

I packed this week’s playlist with all kinds of different tracks to hopefully satiate your musical cravings! Happy Thanksgiving!