Debut single from Copenhagen duo, THANKS: “Dizzy”

This is one of those tracks that is truly impossible to sit still to. I don’t care how poor of a dancer you think you are or how difficult it is for you to keep time, “Dizzy” doesn’t care. “Dizzy” is the first track from the Copenhagen duo known as THANKS who also have another project called Alphabeat. As their first track for THANKS, they decided to create the final product in a way that couldn’t be any further from old fashion.To create “Dizzy” they set up four studios and gave different teams of people 2 hours ONLY in the studio to come up with something, anything for the track. In the end, they created a musical mashup of all of the ideas. The product = a dizzying-disco-dance treat. Check it out:


Stay tuned for more ridiculously catchy treats from THANKS!