A Coliseum Complex Museum

Music video for “The Plain Moon” by The Besnard Lakes

“The Plain Moon” is a powerful and gritty track off of The Besndard Lakes’ upcoming record, A Coliseum Complex Museum. The group just released an accompanying music video which flashes between desolate fields, distorted images of the band and perfectly timed electric pulses.

A Coliseum Complex Museum comes out January 22nd.


New track from The Besnard Lakes!

Back in October, Montreal’s very own, The Besnard Lakes, announced the release of their newest piece of work, A Coliseum Complex Museum. The record is due out January 22nd on Jagjaguwar. The Besnard Lakes are no strangers to the world of music as they’ve been delighting the world with music since 2003. Their latest album is a collection of tracks inspired by the band’s infatuation with the paranormal and they readily admit that after all these years, they’re done hiding the fact that yes, they like nature. About the record Jace Lasek says:

“For a long time we were trying to keep secret that we love being out in nature,” admits Jace. “Because it’s kinda cliché. But with this record we decided to stop fighting what we love so much. So the front cover actually has a lake on it, but it’s also got this giant orb shooting light into the water, which is creating a hole that’s opening a portal to the coliseum complex museum. It’s kinda fucked.”

The band just released their newest single, “Plain Moon”, an ethereal, dreamy indie rock track the sits perfectly next to their other single, “Golden Lion.”