A short explanation/Submissions

The purchase of my first record back in 2013 when I saw Alt-J inspired me to start and maintain a steady record collection primarily of records purchased at shows. Then, I got Bill Crosley (my record player) for Christmas in 2013. This combined with a longstanding need to immerse myself in music in any way possible, has led me to creating Music For Lunch. I love music and I want everyone else to love it, too. As a music lover in a place where we may not necessarily have top of the line music venues and we may be in a location that is slightly off the beaten path, I think Bozeman, MT is a beautiful place for music. I want to share my passion and need for tunes in my life at all times with old and new friends, family and anyone else who enjoys music. Additionally, I want to encourage my fellow music-loving friends to get out there and support the artists. Buy their music, tell them you love them, and see them live.

If you are a musician or you work for a musician and you have something (anything) you would like to submit, please contact me! The same goes for general music fans who have music or thoughts to share.


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