New single from Terence Jack: “Heart in Head Out”

In the midst of what has turned out to be a wild year, singer/songwriter Terence Jack has been busy not only writing music but creating a home studio. With this freshly built studio, TJ is ready to rock through the rest of 2020, including the upcoming release of his new record, Bloom, this fall. The latest single, “Heart in Head Out”, from the record is out TODAY and TJ took the time to answer some questions about this crazy year and his music.

From TJ’s upcoming album, Bloom

MFL: You have your own studio! When did you decide to take this on, what was the process like and how do you feel now that you are on the other side?

TJ: YES! It’s a crazy dream come true for me. For a guy like me who the only “gear” I had until 25-years old was 2 guitar tuner pedals to now having a slough of gear, it’s surprising to even me. I suppose that my progression happened over a longer arch of time than most.

Basically, while my wife and I were looking for our first house, I saw the garage and I planted the seed right away. We were fortunate enough to put in a bid and got the house and 1-year later during Covid we found the time to actually frame in the studio and make it happen. There’s still a few little last things to finish but I’m here all day every day writing, practicing and producing. The goal was to have the process from idea to song with as little resistance as possible.

MFL: Congrats on your new single! This track is so full of hope, which we cannot get enough of right now. How did the idea for “Heart in Head Out” come to you?

TJ: ‘Heart In’ was born of music and chord progression first, and then gauged how the music made me feel. I think it has a triumphant feeling contrasted by the sort of chill downer verses. I think we live in a very heady world and I think we need to get back to our roots of being hearty. As an example, making a decision because I want to help someone opposed to this is going to make me money.

MFL: When can we expect your upcoming record, Bloom, and how will your new studio space affect this release?

TJ: Bloom will be out Oct 2020 and I feel it’s well overdue on releasing it. We have had it ready for a year and forces just stood in the way. I’m very excited to play live with the new menu of songs to choose from. Also, I have a lot of new ideas for new songs so once this is out it’s onto the next as fast as the team will allow.

MFL: What does Bloom represent to you and has that concept changed at all through this past year?

TJ: I think the important thing is what does Bloom represent to YOU. I mean I guess it’s multilayered but I’d like the listener to have it mean something to them that differs from my initial intention. Metaphors everywhere. Ha

MFL: Finally, we are halfway through the year at this point. Do you have any goals or visions moving forward for 2020? If so, what are they?

TJ: Whoa. Personally, educating myself to be the best human I can. For music my goal is to start to record the next album and prepare for a solo tour for whenever the world opens up again.

You can follow Terence Jack on Facebook, Spotify and his website.

Featured image PC: Olivia Sorely

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