Interview: Cielo Pordomingo

I was instantly captivated by the scenery and the sounds that were part of Argentina-born musician, Cielo Pordomingo’s music video for “Azule Delirio.” The desolation of the backdrop combined with the extreme colors and her haunting melody created something totally unique and new for me. The musician has been a resident of Mexico since 2003 and has been making waves musically for many years. She took the time to answer some questions about her career, her writing process and much more.

MFL:  Your music videos are so visually stimulating. I’m dying to know where you filmed “Azul Delirio” and what the idea behind both the track and video were. 

CP:  Thank you! The “Azul Delirio” video was filmed in a volcanic crater called El Rincón del Parangueo in Guanajuato, Méx. It´s an impressive place that looks like another planet!

Well, the song talks about a woman who lives in a kind of delirium. She tries to enter in a world to which she does not belong. And that place (in the video) is like a delirium too, when you enter there it is as if it were from another planet, very surreal.

MFL:  How did your life change when you moved from Argentina to Mexico in 2003? If you were already writing music at this time, how was that affected?

CP:  I came to Mexico for vacation, with no plan to stay, I really liked it. 

Back in that time, people that I met began to offer me several projects related to music, and I was testing, and I was staying, without realizing it.

Coming to Mexico made me stand out more the contrasts in my way of composing.

I am currently based in Querétaro, and I have found it very comfortable to create, play and travel. But I imagine living in Argentina again, at some point.

MFL:  When and how did music become an integral part of your life? 

CP:  It was gradual, after the first album (DFret), without planning it, every time I spent more time composing, producing, studying programs, preparing the sequences to play live, rehearse with musicians, until this last album (Moirai) where I realized that music is an integral part of my life.

MFL:  You mesh electronic and orchestral elements in your music. What is it about this mix that you find attractive?

CP:  I find it very attractive to combine real instruments with virtual instruments, it’s like living reality and fantasy at the same time in a song. And I think we live like this all the time.

MFL:  Is there a concept/story associated with your most recent album, Moirai? 

CP:  Yes, on this record, I changed the process or the way of composing (previously I started a song and until I had it almost finished I started with another one), now I was doing all the songs almost at the same time, it was a kind of sound collage where each one took its own path (destiny = moirai) and in the end still so different from each other they are still part of the same mural.

MFL:  Do you perform internationally often? If so, where are your largest fan bases?

CP:  I try to play outside the country at least once a year. I like to play in many cities, I would not know where most of my fans are, because I have a good reception in cities like Guadalajara in Mexico or in cities like Barcelona and London, and that makes me very happy.

MFL:  When you are not writing/recording music, what are you doing?

CP:  I enjoy the nature! I love going out to the forest or the river to drink mate! And I read and watch movies and series. I love the cinema, it always inspires me. Also, every time I can I’m always studying and practicing mixing and production.

MFL:  Finally, what does 2020 hold for you as a musician?

CP:  I hope to continue sharing my music! Thanks to spaces like yours and concerts touring Mexico, Argentina and the world!

On the agenda we have a tour abroad … hopefully it will be completed by mid-year. 

And I want to play in every festival I can!

Big thank you to Cielo for taking the time to offer insight into her musical magic and to Lily Yañez for connecting us! Follow her work on Spotify and Facebook.

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