New single from Danish duo, ARES: “Ghosts”

Just over a year ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Danish power duo, Louise Væver Andersen and Line Mortensen, who call themselves ARES in the musical world. You can read that interview here! Now ARES is back with a new single and a new sound. Their more minimal approach to the new single titled, “Ghosts”, showcases their ability to expand and experiment with their sound while still delivering rich and emotionally-invested music.

They had this to say about “Ghosts”:

“With our previous releases we introduced a more dark and melancholic side of the project, but with ‘Ghosts’ we wanted to show that our sound and songwriting is constantly evolving. ‘Ghosts’ shows a different and more minimalistic soundscape than what we presented on our debut EP. We wanted to challenge the classic and well known ‘pop formula’ and show that a good pop song doesn’t necessarily need to end with a double chorus.



The track was released TODAY and is the first taste of more new music that we can from the duo in the coming months!

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